Friday, January 13, 2012

inspiration/goodies : shades of winter f6:w11

Hi y'all! No introductions... let's just dive right in: 

shades of winter : f6:w11

| image source : Patty Keller |
| collage by yours truly |
Isn't that a lovely photograph?! I love all the varying shades of such beautiful hues. 

And now for some goodies inspired by these lovely colors:

Lots of fun goodies in this collection! That wall art is really inspiring me to consider working on finally decorating my office. But first I need to get Joey's office complete. Hopefully, I get that done this weekend. That would be a great thing to accomplish. 

Speaking of accomplishments, this week has been deemed "Accomplishment Week" by me, as you would know if you followed me on twitter. After this post, I'm completely caught up with my delayed blog posts. Whew! We're going to Lubbock this evening so I can stay home all day tomorrow working on things and hopefully after tomorrow I'll be caught up with laundry AND finished with Joey's office for the most part. That will be nice. :) And it would be an added bonus if I got some new garlands and headbands made. But we are also having a birthday party here on Sunday afternoon, so we'll see how much I actually get accomplished this weekend. 

Here in a little bit we're leaving for Lubbock and I'm getting my haircut by a new girl. (My old stylist no longer works there.) EEK! This is nerve-racking. At least my hair is long so if they mess it up it can be fixed. I hope. 

What do you have planned this weekend??


  1. Love the bit of pink thrown in there... (Is that some subtle Valentine spirit you have going on there?)

    Enjoy the birthday party! I am sure your hair will look great, too!

  2. Nathalie ( 16, 2012 at 12:30 PM

    I agree with Lindsay! And that's actually the colors I chose for my Valentine's day deco this year :)
    Hope you had a great weekend!


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