Tuesday, January 10, 2012

inspiration : january 2012 mood board

January is such an odd month. You have New Year's Day but that kind of gets swallowed up into the Christmas holiday time. You have Martin Luther King Jr. Day. But other than that, there aren't any major or "themed" holidays. There are no changing of the seasons. It just seems like an odd month. Especially when you're trying to pick a "mood" for January. 

But really, January isn't so much an "odd" month as it is just a new month. A new year, a new month, a new list of goals or resolutions or what-have-yous. Really, the mood of January is more a mood of "new" things than anything else. At least, that's my interpretation of it. 

So for this month, the mood board isn't really color or texture-themed. It's about all the new things that I'm looking forward to this year. Some you might recognize as being related to me 12 in 2012 list. Some you may not. But either way, here's to a new year, a new mood and perhaps a new you by the time this is all over. :) 

January mood board

January mood board by reginakay featuring brooks athletic shoes

toms - because I want at least 2 more pair of toms this year. 
LONDON - because I'm hoping our old house sells in time for me to save up enough money to go to London this summer. 
camera - because I'm hoping to purchase my first "real" camera... a Nikon DSLR. 
organization, eating healthy, running a 5K, journaling, Gone with the Wind, fabric flowers - because those are part of my 12 in 2012

Make sense? ;) I think so. 

What about you? What is your January mood?


  1. Well, I think it would be crisp and clean and fresh! That is totally how I feel right now- trying to clean up around here. Maybe I am Spring cleaning since the weather feels like Spring.

  2. I'm not sure why but when ever I think of January I always think of the color blue...like ice blue. I'd say my January mood is skeptical (because I am always terrified of what the new year will bring....I guess you get a little jaded after a few really rough years in a row!) but at the same time excited to start from a clean slate!


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