Friday, January 20, 2012

12 in 2012 : an update

Hi y'all! First off, it's Thursday night and I'm watching David Letterman as I write this and I have to say... where did the funny go? Seriously. I've never been a big fan of late night talk shows because I find them mostly to be pretty boring, Conan usually makes me laugh. Well tonight I was watching a show on the DVR and when I stopped that, David Letterman was on and the only time I've laughed at all is when Kathy Griffin was on and was making fun of Ryan Seacrest and the Kardashians. Other than that, it just hasn't been funny, or entertaining and the music was blegh. 

Okay... sorry... that was completely random. 

Anyway.... it's time to do a check-in with how the progress is going with everyone's 12 in 2012 project. So here's my list and any progress that's been made so far...

___ 1. Learn how to make fabric flowers successfully. 
No progress yet. I haven't tried these yet, I've been working on other things first. But I've been told they're really easy so I'm not worried about it. 

___ 2. Read "Gone With the Wind"
Haven't even bought it yet. But I will. 

___ 3. Have a savings account with a balance that never dips below $500. (We've got it right now, let's see if we can keep it.)
So far, so good. It's been tempting to dip into our savings, but so far we're doing good with keeping it above that mark. 

___ 4. Lose 30 pounds. (I reset my Weight Watchers [WW] account today, I'm ready to start again!)
There's been some scale confusion. 4 scales, 4 different weights. BUT, based on the scale I originally used, I'm down about 3 pounds. YAY!!!

___ 5. Run a 5K (oh Lord, help me.)
Well, if I could stop being sick all the time it would definitely help. But I've been out wogging (walking/jogging) once and I did better than I thought I would. I'm looking forward to doing more pretty soon!

___ 6. Purge my life & home of things that aren't beautiful and/or necessary.
Love this. I've cleaned out all my beading supplies, the garage, the cabinets in the laundry room, my makeup tub... it's feeling great and I'm looking forward to doing more. 

___ 7. Prioritize my time, organize my home.
Organization... I'm doing good on. Prioritizing... I could put more effort into this. 

___ 8. Work on my children's book/game ideas.
Nope, not done anything with this yet. 

___ 9. Pay off at least 2 "dumb" debts. (like credit cards, etc.)
Not completed yet. 

___ 10. Read the entire Bible in one year. 
Working on it. I am behind this week and need to catch up, but so far, it's going well!

___ 11. Take more pictures. 
Mostly yes. Right now though I hate my camera, I hate my phone (and camera on my phone) so it's tough. But I have taken a lot a pictures and actually feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of pictures I need to sort, edit and organize on my computer right now. 

___ 12. Write more. (journaling, blogging, letters)
Blogging? Yes. Writing in my journal? Yes. Letters? Not yet. But I'm hoping to write a letter or two this weekend. Does anyone still send snail mail letters to their friends? I love doing that! And I love receiving those letters from them as well. 

That's my update... what about you? How are you doing with your resolutions? OR, if you're participating in the 12 in 2012 project, how are you doing on that?

Today, right now in fact, Joey is on his way to pick up his new (to him) jeep. He's so excited he's beside himself. We're doing a fair trade with a friend of ours, my old car (that Joey drives) for his jeep. My car is a 2006 mercury milan. This is like a 1998 jeep. Which sounds like a terrible trade, except that jeeps can go up in value due to upgrades you make and the fact that people are always looking for jeeps. So really, when it comes time to sell the jeep (if we ever sell it), we should get more for it than we would for my old car. Plus, Joey has always wanted a jeep. Always. This is one of his dream things. I'm happy for him. I'll miss my car, I loved that thing. But I drive the tahoe now since I haul children around and I haven't driven my car in a while.

Also, we got a call yesterday checking in with us regarding a possible placement of another baby. Nothing is happening yet, the baby is still with his mother. But there's talk among the caseworkers that the baby might be removed and if so, they wanted to have someone already in mind for him. Based on what I know so far, it could be a big deal. Like it could be a permanent deal if he comes to us. Yowzah! But, like I said, nothing is happening yet. So we'll just see... 

Last night we went to our town's Chamber of Commerce banquet. It was lots of fun and we won some door prizes: $50 giftcard to the local grocery store, $20 cash and a coffee mug. Good times! We're planning on joining the Chamber of Commerce this year and I'm excited. I love this town! It's such a pleasure to live here!

I have a big weekend planned! The laundry has taken over again, plus some cleaning, catching up on the shows on my DVR and some crafting. Let's hope it all goes according to plan! If so, it could be quite the delightful weekend. 

What big weekend plans do you have?


  1. I'm doing a lot of organizing and cleaning out also. More organizing than cleaning out. I would really like to clean out every else's stuff but they won't let me! lol

    So glad that you're liking where you live and congrats on winning the door prizes!

    My weekend will be spent doing the paperwork for my business that I need to get done for taxes.

  2. Awesome, Regina! You are doing GREAT!!

  3. love your list and your progress is good considering it's still january!

  4. You are a busy bee.
    Have you got "couch to five k" on your i-pod yet?

  5. Good for you on your progress! I can totally relate on the scale conflict thing right now; 2 scales and 6lb difference but I do know I lost 2 lbs mostly just from being sick but I'll take it. I hope to ge out t an update on my 12 in 2012 next week!

    BIG news if that baby comes your way! I'm sure you;ll keep us posted. Have a good weekend.


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