Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh well, it happens.

Oh my goodness gracious! Has it really been since December 3rd since I last posted anything? Oh my, oh my, oh my. I guess I should start off by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! By now, I'm sure many of you have full recovered from the holidays and have already broken many of your resolutions.... oh well, it happens. Don't worry about it. - This is my new mantra for the year as life for me in 2011 has definitely taken quite a different turn since leaving behind 2010.

On December 28th, we welcomed into our home Little Boy and Little Girl. Our first set of foster children. Little Boy, who shall now be known as LB is 5, and Little Girl (aka LG) is 4. So goodbye 2010, sleeping in, date nights and silence... Hello 2011, never-ending laundry, snack times and school days. But like I said... oh well, it happens. And so far... I'm glad it has.

The first day that we got LB and LG we were TERRIFIED. We had no idea what we had done, what we had been thinking or what we were going to do. We were completely overwhelmed. Should we tell the caseworkers we've made a mistake and try to give them back? Should we clarify that we really wanted younger children? Should we stick it out and see what happens? What if we still feel like this in one week? Two weeks? Next month? We were completely buried in our own self-doubts and insecurites that we weren't sure we could dig ourselves out enough to take care of these precious children that God placed in our home.

But... we stuck it out. Actually, the caseworkers never really gave us much of a chance to talk about how we felt or anything. We signed paperwork and they were gone. And now, 3 1/2 weeks later, I feel like we are no longer merely surviving, but actually parenting and doing a pretty good job of it. Thank goodness God gave us good kids for our first round at this... He sure knows what He's doing! haha.

But really, LB & LG are great kids. LB goes to kindergarten every day and LG goes to a preschool at a church in town on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I've mastered the art of bath time, un-buckling the car seat with one hand and even how to steal away for a few minutes of me-time without walking back into a chaotic house. I've also learned to appreciate the value/joy/sacredness of naps, bed time, lunchables and adult conversations.

It's not always rosey though. Sometimes I gripe at Joey in front of the kids, sometimes I get to short and gruff with the kids and sometimes, EEK, I even let LG watch cartoons for an hour so I can have an hour of down-time. Even though pre-kids, I swore I would never let the TV babysit my kids. Oh well, it happens. But even inspite of those hangups and poor choices on my part, I do have my moments of absolute pride and joy in these two precious hearts, that are so good and have been through sooo much horror and hurt in their short lives. Last Wednesday night as we were driving out of the parking lot after Wednesday night bible class, LG exclaimed, "I love this church! It's very good!" I know... completely heart-warming isn't it.

And there are more heart-warming moments that have happened that totally negate the whining, the screaming (and screeching) and even yes... the poopy and peed-in pants. ICK! And when I sit and think about those little moments that are so precious and special... I can't help but look at the rest of it and just think... Oh well, it happens.

More updates coming...
But I make no promises as to when they are coming....