Friday, December 30, 2011

Year 2011 : The Highlight Reel

Hi y'all! 2011 has been a year of changes and new beginnings!

We were living in Levelland and Joey was working at Cactus Drive Church of Christ. 

We started the year with Little Boy and Little Girl. We had just gotten them and it definitely changed our lives. We went from having no kids to having two kids. It was quite the whirlwind. 

At Cactus Drive, we just got a new preacher. 
We had lots of fun getting to know Rob & Lisa. 

We hosted our 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Cookout. 
I started dabbling a little bit in photography. 

I don't remember how many eggs we had for the Easter Egg Hunt, but it was somewhere around 2,500 I'm guessing. 

I co-hosted my first baby shower for a lady from church who is also an Ag teacher at Levelland. I played around in baking and made "sheepcakes".

We went on a Youth Retreat to New Mexico.
(I love this picture of Joey and I on top of the mountain.)

I dabbled a little bit more in photography and took some of Shelby's senior pictures. 
It was a lot of fun and definitely makes me want to save up some money to buy a digital SLR camera.... perhaps a Nikon?

In 2011 I turned 26 and bought myself my first pair of Toms with my birthday money. I love them! And am looking forward to buying another pair or two (or three) soon. :) 

We went to my Mom's for vacation and had such a blast swimming in her pool and soaking up some sun!

Little Boy had a birthday during the summer and we did a Dr. Seuss-themed pool party. I discovered then how much I truly LOVE planning parties!

I went to Oklahoma and watched Kevin and Kayla get married. I've known Kayla since she was little, we went to church together. I've known Kevin since his mom and dad moved to our area and his dad was my high school softball and basketball coach. They've been super important to me. His mom Jackie is like my second mom and was my matron of honor, Kevin was the candle-lighter and Coach was an usher. LOVE them! ♥

At the end of the summer Joey got a new job as a preacher in Plains, TX. We moved in August and have absolutely loved every minute of our time here. 

Unfortunately, August brought another change and we had to say goodbye to Little Boy and Little Girl. They left our home at the end of August and went to what we hope is their forever home. 

At the beginning of September I attended my first ever Beth Moore conference. I had never read any of her books, done any of her studies or ever heard her speak. It was a wonderful day and I really enjoyed listening to her!

Joey got to help out the offensive coordinator for our local high school football team. This is him at one of the games, geared up with his headset. Doesn't he look all official looking?? :)

And October... which brought another HUGE change! We welcomed BB into our home. He has been the most wonderful little bundle of joy and I love him so much!

I took BB to his first football game. It was cold and we left at half time because we were both cold, hungry and exhausted, but it was still fun! Hopefully we have him next year during football season and he can enjoy more football games. 

We got our first snow and we've gotten even more snow since then. I'm loving it! Snow is my favorite!

In December, Joey and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and I got my second band for my bridal set. I love it! HAPPY FIVE YEARS TO US!

And finally, we were the lucky ones because we got to have BB for his first Christmas. He's so much fun and has got such a funny personality. He's seriously the cutest baby ever and I'm so glad we have him right now!

That sums up our year! There's so much more that happened, but like the title says, this is just the highlight reel. 

I hope your 2011 was wonderful and that your 2012 is even better!

Speaking of 2012, are you joining in my "12 in 2012 : Project of Doing"? If not, you should check it out and consider joining in the fun! Be on the lookout for my post coming Monday! 


  1. Love your little sheep cupcakes, that is so darn cute! ^_^ Glad you had such a wonderful year. ^_^


  2. WOW - looks like you have had an amazing year - congratulations!

    Etsy Blog Team

  3. WOW! Those are a lot of changes for one year! Thanks for all the cute pics in your highlight reel!!!

  4. Awesome year!

    I pray that 2012 is even better.


  5. You've had quite the year woman! Cheers to 2012.

    PS. Just put the 12 in 2012 in my sidebar! It's going to be fun....or maybe I should wait to say that after I've made all my goals...LOL


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