Tuesday, December 27, 2011

me : 12 in 2012 : the introduction

Hi y'all! 

The new year is right around the corner so I guess it's time for all those New Year's Resolutions to spring forth in plenty! I've already heard commercials on the radio about weight loss, stop smoking campaigns, etc., targeting all those who are going that route. Long ago I made resolutions and then broke nearly all of them. Then I started making resolutions that I knew I wouldn't break -- i.e. wear seat belt (I always do so it's not a far stretch), brush teeth daily, eat at least once a day... get my drift? Then I realized that was just riDONKulous. So, I started making New Year's Resolutions to not make any resolutions, therefore I would break any. But if I make a resolution to not make any resolutions so I wouldn't break said resolution didn't I indeed make a resolution and break it all at the same time? (There is no spoon.)

But this year, I'm done with resolutions. Done. DONE I SAY! I'm going a different direction. Forget resolutions that come and go and are easily forgotten.

For the upcoming new year, I am doing a "12 in 2012" project. My list will debut next week, but this week I wanted to introduce you to the project, just in case you'd like to participate. :) 

As you can tell by now, I'm making a list of 12 various goals to accomplish in 2012. It could be anything:

You can go with your regular New Year's Resolutions like quit smoking, lose weight or pay off debt. 

Or it could be some things you've been wanting to do but haven't done yet like reading a certain book, visiting a new state, taking a road trip, trying out for a reality show or maybe learning a new language. 

Or maybe it's the simple things you've been wanting to do like learning a new craft, take a painting class or maybe sew up a new apron. 

Whatever it is, 2012 is going to be our year of doing. Our year of accomplishments. 

Feel free to join me, in this project of doing. 

Here's how to participate:

1) Come up with your own list of 12 various goals that you would like to accomplish in 2012. 

2) Borrow one of my "12 in 2012" designs, or come up with one of your own, if you're feeling creative. 

3) Debut your list next week and let me know.

4) Throughout the year, work on accomplishing each of your 12 goals. You can do one each month, a year long goal, however it works for you. Be sure to post updates of your progress.

5) We can work together, encouraging each other to keep up with our goals. 

Please put this in your sidebar if you're participating in the 12 in 2012 project. 

This is going to be so much better than New Year's Resolutions! I hope you'll join! And please let me know if you do, I'd love to follow your project of doing!

Come back next Monday to see my list!

UPDATE: You can read my list here. :) 


  1. The same thing happens with my NewYear's resolutions. Usually work for a few months, then peters out gradually. Therefore, your new project sounds verrrrrrry interesting. I'm thinking about it.

  2. This sounds doable. I will give it a shot. I have not made a resolution in years.


  3. What a fresh new approach! I remember a year where I made a bunch of resolutions and actually worked all year on keeping them (and was successfun!!). I love the idea of having one new goal each month! I just might try this approach, but I'll keep it out of the blogosphere lol!

    Merry Christmas!

    xox Linda

  4. Definitely sounds better than resolutions!

  5. Sweet! I'm bad at resolutions, too, but making a list of 12 "smaller" items is way more manageable. I'll have to give this some thought!

  6. I'm in! Got the button on my sidebar. Now I just have to decide on 12 things... hmm...

  7. Ooh, I am so going to join you on this! I gave up resolutions a few years ago too and decided why make goals only at the start of a new year? I already have one goal in mind! Now for the other 11.......

    PS. I am throwing a "Best of 2011" party & would love if you dropped by to share your favorite post of the year! http://delightfullynoted.blogspot.com/2011/12/showcase-partybest-of-2011-share-your.html


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