Thursday, December 1, 2011

inspirations/goodies : shades of autumn f11:a11

Hi ya'll! Here I thought I was a month behind in my shades of autumn series but nope... just 2 weeks. ;) And now, after this post, just 1 week. Gotta get everything wrapped up because next week begins the shades of winter series! YAY!! I'm excited! 

I really love this series. Sometimes I get caught up in everything and don't get to it in time, but I really love finding a lovely photograph that strikes an inspirational chord within me. Plus I get to search on Etsy and I have found some lovely things and even met some lovely people along the way. It's been fun! I hope you've enjoyed this series as well. 

shades of autumn : f11:a11

This week's inspiration comes from this lovely photograph:

And now for some lovely goodies, inspired by the photograph:


  1. That photo is gorgeous, and I love the color combinations of all the items.

  2. Gorgeous! Are you going to do a shades of winter? please?

  3. I love the photo - where is that??

    Why do they only make those adorable booties just for babies??

    You have such chic ideas!!



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