Thursday, December 8, 2011

inspiration/goodies : shades of winter f1:w11

Hi ya'll! It's time to kick off my shades of winter series. I'm so excited for this new series! There are so many beautiful photographs to provide the perfect inspiration. So let's go ahead and get started!!

shades of winter : f1:w11

The first feature's inspiration comes from this gorgeous photograph:

collage by me.

And for some goodies inspired by those lovely colors:

Happy Thursday!


  1. Gorgeous!!! I should play with your color combos each week and see how they translate into a flower. hummmm....

  2. Great!
    Thanks so much!!


  3. LOVE the blue messenger bag. And it's very reasonably priced, too!

  4. Cool blog!
    Cyberwezz does amazing crochet pieces just like the crochet beanie featured above. ♥

  5. what a great blog you have! Working with a color scheme is such a great idea...
    thanks so much for the feature of my crochet hat!

  6. So pretty! Makes me want to mix some cocoa and break out the snowboots!!


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