Thursday, December 15, 2011

inspiration : thursday thoughtfuls

Hi y'all! So a few weeks ago we were so totally excited - BB started crawling!!! He had been doing that whole thing where he got on his hands and knees and rocked back and forth forever. He had also been scooting backwards for a while, I like to call that his crawdad phase. (And if you don't get that, you aren't country enough.) We'd been working with him on crawling and I could tell he was almost there. Then, over Thanksgiving, we did Christmas with Joey's side of the family and his younger nephew got a remote controlled race car. This was obviously the motivation BB needed. He was crawling around chasing that thing like he's been crawling for years months. BAM! He was mobile! We were so excited!!! We were so naive. 

I was a little bit afraid that he would regress when we got back home and stop crawling again. Not a chance. He crawls all over the house like crazy. Seriously, it's like crazy, because I have no idea how something so small can move so fast. Good gosh! And it's not just that he's fast, he's also stealthy. I've told Joey several times that I need a collar for BB with a bell on it. I don't know how many times I've almost tripped over him or almost stepped on him. A word from the wise... mobile babies are dangerous babies. 

Not that I really mind too much. Most of the time I enjoy him being able to scoot around from toy to toy. I also didn't mind on Saturday when I was baking and he was crawling around in the kitchen under my feet. I don't mind those times because honestly, I love those times. I love that I'm the one he's crawling around. I'm the one who almost trips over him. I love that. I'll always love that at least for now, I'm the one. ♥

Okay, enough of that... it's Thursday which means it's time for a thursday thoughtfuls. 

First some funnies... 

I seriously have a problem with people abbreviating everything when they're texting. I have an even BIGGER problem when people do that when they're typing. 

Maybe not every time. But I do this quite often. 
Also, every time is two words, not one. If you're going to make a funny about typos and such, make sure there are not any typos in your funny. And if it's not a typo, you shouldn't be making the funny to begin with. 

Some encouraging:


True. Thank you, Mr. Marley. 

And for one more funny:

| image source |
This makes me laugh every time. "He has your hair." HAHAHAHAHA!

Well, crawling, typos and bingo aside, Happy Thursday! I hope it's delightful!


  1. I wonder if I'm the only one that likes picking funny interesting or cool to check...Hmmm must be lol

  2. Ha! I couldn't figure out what Lizzi was talking about....Aha! I see.

    Yay! for BB!! crawling is a big deal. Great sayings...LOVE the experiencing His presence one.

  3. So cool that BB is crawling. If it was me, I'd be thinking 'ok, now it's time to move all that dangerous stuff out of the way!' But in your house everything will have been double and triple checked for safety I am sure.

  4. High five BB!! As always the quotes you gather always inspire or make me laugh.

  5. Grace is rocking on her hands and knees and if she REALLY wants something, she DIVES for it! Haha! She gets around, though (one way or another.) I bet BB is keeping you extra busy now!

    You totally have me checking my spelling and punctuation now. I am all nervous! :)

  6. Crawling! YAY! So fun!
    That little note to fork from spoon madew me laugh!


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