Friday, December 9, 2011

inspiration : december moods

Like I said in my December Mood Board post, there are so many color combinations that I absolutely love for Christmas. Here's another color combo that I adore:

December mood board {2}

December mood board {2} by reginakay featuring yellow jewelry

Chartreuse & Hot Pink


One day I'm going to have a Christmas tree decorated in hot pink and chartreuse. Or... at least some sort of bright colors like that. :) I know these aren't your typical Christmas colors, but I love this super bright version of the traditional red and green combo. 

What non-traditional color combos do you especially love for Christmas?


  1. Great play on traditional color ;-)

  2. I want those shoes. Totally gorgeous and impractical at the same time. LOVE it!

  3. Love this! My Christmas decorations are all pink, purple, silver, and green. I love the non-traditional colors!


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