Thursday, December 1, 2011

inspiration : december 2011 mood board

Happy December everyone! YAY!!! I'm so excited! I absolutely love winter, Christmas, cold weather, snow and this is the month for that. Sometime I wonder why I live in Texas. And not in like Pennsylvania or something where it gets cold and it snows regularly and all that jazz. Have you ever seen the movie 'Marley & Me'? I love that movie. But when watching that movie I fell madly in love with the house!! I told Joey I wanted to live there (or in a house like it) someday. It's not just the house, it's the location. The way it looks in the fall. The winter scene. Oh... it's just gorgeous!!! 

When I looked up pictures of the house, I found out it went on sale this summer. Too bad Joey and I don't have an extra $1.25 million laying around or I'm sure we'd buy it. ;) 

I don't necessarily need the house... I just want snow like this. :) Siiiigh... I love it!

But, while I don't have a house like that, I do have a great house. And while I doubt we will have a lot of snow this winter (since we're in a drought) there is freezing rain/possible snow coming tomorrow. And while I'm sure most people don't like that, I am thrilled! Bring on the snow and ice!!! :) 

Well, all the wishing and dreaming of snow aside, it's the first day of December which means it's time for my December mood board. Now, I've been thinking about this mood board for a while and honestly, it's been hard to focus. I just love all the different color combinations of this season and it's hard to focus that into one mood board. So I decided to go with a candy cane theme. But be on the look out for a few extra mood boards coming throughout the month. ;) Sorry, I can't help myself!!

December 2011 mood board

Gorgeous Reds. Brilliant Whites. A splash of sparkle. And a hint of glam. I absolutely love it! And that nail polish? I'm wearing it right now. It's gorgeous and the perfect red for my complexion. 

Like I said, I've got a few more mood boards to share with you throughout the month, just because one mood board would not be enough to capture the entire mood of this time of year. Am I right or am I right?

Also, coming up: What are some of your favorite family traditions during the holiday season? Do you bake a lot of cookies? Make homemade candy? Read Christmas books together? Watch Christmas movies? Do you have an advent calendar? Do you do stockings? I remember some of our family traditions while growing up and there's also a few new traditions that Joey and I are making on our own. I'll be sharing some of these traditions with you throughout the month of December and I will be joined by some absolutely wonderful guest bloggers who will also be sharing some of their favorite family traditions. 

Lots of fun coming up on the blog this month! It should be great and I'm so glad you're all here to join me! Thanks for reading my blog!

Happy December!!

Haha... yep!

It's time to watch Elf!

And I'm pretty sure this movie was loosely based on my life. ;) 


  1. Wow! Regina! Could you walk in those heels?

    Great items!

    Looking forward to your posts.


  2. I STILL haven't seen Elf! Just bits and pieces. (Cause if there is a movie on, I am usually trying to take advantage of kids drawn to the screen like they are under hypnosis so I can get stuff done.)

    PRETTY colors! You are right, though. There are a lot of colors that could capture the mood of the season.


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