Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Traditions : Stocking and Presents { by Regina }

Oh Christmas! My favorite time of the year! Seriously. I'm practically overloaded on Christmas this very moment. It's snowing outside, I'm drinking delicious coffee, listening to Josh Groban "Noel", I ate Chunky Monkey Banana Bread for breakfast. And I couldn't be any happier! I seriously do not understand the Scrooges of the season. I don't understand how you can hate Christmas. 

But anyway, my family has a lot of traditions throughout the year. And we don't fall short at Christmas time either. Growing up, I was always SOOOO anxious to put up the Christmas tree. I always tried to convince Granny and Dad to let me put up their respective trees early. Like before Thanksgiving. I never could convince them which is probably why now that I'm out and on my own, I put mine and Joey's tree up after Halloween. I wish I had a picture of the tree at Granny's house and the tree at Dad's house. Both were decorated with colored lights and a wonderful hodge-podge of ornaments. So beautiful. I loved it when Granny would finally let me pull out the Christmas stuff and put it all up. We would sing Christmas songs and decorate the house. One thing I remember that I loved was this snowman she had. I think it was an Avon thing, but it was gorgeous and lit up. I wish I had that now. 

At Granny's house, another awesome tradition was the stockings. Granny and Papa had a HUGE mantle and at some point, it was COVERED in stockings. The stockings were often my favorite part of opening presents. Such awesome goodies in there! 

There were 4 of us original grandkids. Not including the step-grandkids or the in-laws or anyone who might show up randomly. (There's 5 of us original grandkids now since some little stinker came along and stole my birthday and youngest grandchild status... not that I'm bitter. Haha... just kidding C.) Anyway, way back in 1985, granny made us original 4 our own stockings. This also happened to be my first Christmas. 

Granny made all of our's with the same fabrics, just in different designs and with varying uses of poms and jingle bells. I love that the fabric really isn't Christmas fabric at all, it's just a combination of red, white and green fabrics. She wrote our names on them all and the year she made them (1985), which happened to be the year I was born so that makes them extra special. :) 

Joey's family is not that into stockings. But I wanted us to keep up the tradition so when we got married we bought him a stocking. This would not do. So last year, I made him a stocking. It was quite a bit harder than I had thought it would be and I also experienced my first broken needle on the sewing machine (hello, fleece, I didn't realize you were so challenging). But, it came out pretty perfect and he loved it! 

Poor BB. He's left with Joey's first stocking. That stinkin' Wal-Mart cheapie that I hate. This will not do. I need to work on making him a stocking soon. ;) 

We always opened presents on Christmas Eve. I'm sure we started that tradition so everyone could be home with just their kids on Christmas morning instead of getting out and going to Granny and Papa's house. I'd love to start a tradition with our kids of opening presents on Christmas morning. Or at least having some gifts from Santa for them to open on Christmas morning. I remember I always woke up on Christmas morning and raced to the Christmas tree to see if Santa left me any presents. There weren't any. Which always completely bummed me out. No bumming out for my kids, they'll have an extra present just for Christmas morning. ;) 

There are more traditions that we have - I'll be back later to share more of our family traditions like the music and the candy making. But I also have a surprise in store for you as we have several guest bloggers joining us throughout the month of December to share with you some of their favorite family traditions. Starting with this Wednesday when Jennifer of Delightfully Noted stops in. I know you're just going to love it! 

Happy Monday, may your days be merry and bright!


  1. Shut the front door! It's snowing in TX? How did you guys manage to get snow before us here in Chicago?? Crazy! I loved this and I love the fact that your tree has been up since Halloween!

  2. I'm sure you'll come up with something perfect for BB. I just finishing knitting my first stocking and I'm so mesmerized at how special a Christmas stocking can be.

  3. Regina what is chunky monkey banana bread? Cute stockings.


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