Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Tradition {Jennifer}

Hi ya'll! How's your holiday season coming along? I'm hoping that after today (with Joey picking up one last thing from Wal-Mart) that our Christmas shopping will be 100% complete! Isn't that exciting?!?!? Well, at least I think so. There's still the wrapping to do, the goodies to bake (that's happening this weekend) and of course my Josh Groban "Noel" cd to listen to at least 183 more times. Oh and the rest of our Christmas movies to watch. So I think it's safe to say that our holiday season is in full swing and we're waist deep in merriment and holly. Well, maybe not holly... that would be a little painful. 

Anyway, today I have a most lovely surprise for you as I'm bringing to you Jennifer from Delightfully Noted to share with us some of her favorite family Christmas traditions!

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  Greetings Live Delightfully readers! Cheers to the holidays and triple cheers to Regina for sharing her little corner of the world with me today. I’m Jennifer, the CEO {crafty enthusiastic oddball} over at the Delightfully Noted blog where I get to share my passion for all things creative & everything delightfully in-between. I’m also the owner/designer behind a little stationery biz called, well of course…..Delightfully Noted!

I’m super excited that Regina has asked me to be here today to share some of my beloved family holiday traditions. 

 {Me & my bros circa 1986.}

Christmas is absolutely my faaaaavorite holiday & that’s thanks mostly in part to the laughter & fond memories my family has continued to create over the years by playing board games. That’s right! For as long as I can remember, every Christmas Eve we’d get together with my mom’s side of the family.  Once we were finished stuffing ourselves with a year’s worth of ham and green bean casserole, us kids would quickly clear off the dinner table {okay, maybe we didn’t really help clear off the table} and bust out the board games. 

 {Image Source-So apparently we were too busy playing games to actually take pictures of us playing games. So use your imagination this is my siblings, cousins, and I planning our game strategy and for some odd reason we are doing it while walking in the cold.}

 {Here are some of us as BIG kids at Christmas a few years ago. 
I'm the one of the right. Not with the bald head}

We would play into the late hours of Christmas Eve and this annual tradition almost always resulted in light & fun family feuds or better yet moments that would go down in family history. Like for example, when Grandma or Grandpa would blurt out some rated-r irrelevant triva answer that left all of us simultaneously squealing “oooohhhh, grrrooss” & laughing hysterically till our sides hurt. Both my grandparents have since passed so these fond memories definitely make my heart smile.

 {Grandma & Grandpa 2002}

Over the years as we have grown older, our holiday get together has had to adapt to all the natural changes life brings a family; marriages, starting families of our own, & spreading out across the country {or even the world! One of my cousin now lives across the pond in London} But despite all these changes there’s still one thing I look forward to every holiday season & that’s the moment where my loved ones and I can all take a little break from life’s daily stress & strain & sit down, bust out a board game, annnndddd WATCH ME KICK SOME BUTT!!! 

Wishing you & yours a very merry Christmas & a Happy New year

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Thank you Jennifer! That sounds like some really wonderful traditions that you can continue for a long time. Thanks for stopping by!

Keeping checking back for more favorite family Christmas traditions from yours truly and some other wonderful guest bloggers!

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