Monday, December 12, 2011

Can We Have a 3 Day Weekend Please?

Hi y'all! WOW! What a weekend! It's been full, but it's also been a lot of fun. First off there was Thursday night which was our Bunko Night at church. If you've never played before well there's different names: Bunko (which is what I call it and how I spell it), Bunco and Bonco. Really? Bonco? Anyway, it's a lot of fun! I learned how to play it at our last congregation but I was quickly informed when teaching it here at our current congregation that some of the ladies here played it differently while some play it the way I learned it. This can be the cause of a lot of discussion but just pick a way and stick with it. You can do a google search for it and find different sites under all three names with various ways of playing under each of those names. It's a little ridiculous, really. Well, Thursday night we didn't have enough ladies for Bunko so we played Farkle instead. Again, google it and you're going to find the same game but with varying ways of scoring. I taught everyone how I learned it, but another lady had different ideas for scoring so we kind of took her ideas and my ideas and meshed them. Either way it was a TON of FUN!

Friday night we had some people over for dinner. The husband is a teacher/coach at the local school and Joey knows him from helping out with the football teams. The wife attends the same weekly Bible study that I do. They have 3 kiddos (2 came with them) and we've been wanting to spend some time with them and get to know them better but we've never set a date. Joey and S ended up texting back and forth and making all the plans. And whoever said men can't plan anything? lol. We had mexican food for dinner and they stayed over just visiting and hanging out until almost 10 when their poor kids were wiped out, our little guy was already in bed, and us adults sure were yawning a lot during our conversations. It was so much fun and really great to spend time with them. Before they came over I asked Joey what we were going to talk about. I don't know why, but I always get so nervous before meeting people. Actually, I think I know why, I'm secretly kind of an introvert. Every time we're getting ready to spend time with people we know or even don't know I get nervous. But then once it's over I'm usually SOOO glad that we did that and am looking forward to doing it again. This is exactly what happened Friday night. I should just stop getting nervous. lol. 

Saturday morning I woke up and started baking doggie treats while Joey went to Men's Breakfast up at the church. After that he went to run an errand with a friend and I finished my baking and took a shower. When he got home I left and went to Lubbock for a marathon day of shopping. It was so much fun to hang out with my friend and get some good quality girl time. It was definitely needed. Although I swear, the next time she and I go to Lubbock, I'm putting on my workout gear. That girl practically sprints everywhere she goes. If you don't stretch before you go, you might actually pull something. ;) Haha!

But I officially finished my Christmas shopping on Saturday, I introduced her to one of my favorite Mexican food places in Lubbock (and she liked it!!!) and at the end of the day, with our shopping complete, we **FINALLY** got to see Breaking Dawn. We've been wanting to see it forever but things kept coming up. 

The only bad thing about that day... I found out she doesn't share my obsessive love for Josh Groban. I loaned her my "Noel" cd to put on her computer and in her car and she said she didn't really like it. **GASP!! GASP!!** 

"Shh... Don't weep* Josh, I'm still here.... 
Just waiting for you to revoke that restraining order. 
I know you only meant that as a joke but I think the joke has ran its course now."
(* Josh Groban doesn't cry. He weeps.)

And moving on to Sunday... I was supposed to have most of my goodies made on Saturday. With the marathon day that it turned in to, that didn't happen, which meant Sunday afternoon was spent covering things in melted chocolate and sprinkles. I also made those pretzel/rolo/pecan turtles that I've been drooling over on Pinterest for a while now. Joey came through for me in the 4th quarter and was hitting nothing but 3's to help me win the game. Yes. I just used a sports metaphor to describe my cooking. Deal with it. 
We got everything finished, bagged, put in the decorative bags, tagged and tied with no time left for pictures. But they were cute and everyone really appreciated them. 

There might have been a few of these left over that didn't get bagged. Only because I wanted every bag to have an even number. And there might not be any of those left now. This is all hypothetical.

And because I'm such a dog lover, I baked doggie treats for everyone's doggies. :) It's fun, easy and made with stuff you probably already have in your pantry and fridge. Recipe to come in a later post. ;) Our dog Lorie loves them! But then again she also eats sticks, rocks and poop so I'm not really sure how refined her palette really is. 

After pseudo-baking all afternoon, we got ready and went to the church Christmas Party. Oh, the fun we had! Of course we didn't take pictures before we left, or at the party... ugh... I'm a poor excuse for a blogger... BUT it was lots of fun! We had a catered meal of chicken fried steak and after the meal we did a White Elephant gift exchange. I'll have you know that Joey must pick good presents because his got stolen several times. But in the end we (namely me) ended up with some great casserole dishes and lovely serving trays. Which really, is just what a preacher's wife needs. So that was perfect! :) 

Me holding up my lovely serving trays. 

Me trying to not drop my lovely serving trays while waiting for my camera to take a picture.

Me and my terrific casserole dishes. I have a slight aversion to the color. They are a burnt orange kind of hue and if you know me and Joey, you know that is not good. But, they're still good dishes so they can stay. For now. ;)  

My extremely messy kitchen after a day of pseudo-baking. With the red solo cups it kind of looks like we had a frat party. But now, we simply brought home leftover salad in those cups. At least, that's what I'm telling you... ;) bwahaha. And who says the Church of Christ peeps can't party? ;) 

Me, much too tired to clean my messy kitchen. I tackled it today and thankfully it's about 87% clean now. Oh, and yes, those are my vitamins on top of the fridge. I only take the best! ;) 

Well... that was my weekend. Are you tired just from reading it? lol. 

Today was definitely low-key. I caught up on the cleaning and laundry that I didn't do Saturday or Sunday. Tonight, Joey had an impromptu Guys' Night and since he was so great about watching BB on Saturday and helping on Sunday, I decided to really give him the night off and let him go out while I stayed home from my Bible study and watched BB. 

Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day of going to Lubbock for BB's weekly visit, coming back home to work for a few hours and then going back to Lubbock for a Christmas Party at the Children't Home. I'm hoping we can take a couple of pics before we leave tomorrow so we can have a picture of us all gussied up. 

So how was your weekend? Have you attended any Christmas Parties yet? I wish I had an Ugly Sweater party to attend, but maybe another year. After seeing fellow blogger-friend Jennifer over at Delightfully Noted, post about her Ugly Sweater Party, I'm super jealous and wish I had one. lol. If you're having one, be sure to share your pics! I love seeing them!

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