Friday, November 11, 2011

inspiration/goodies : shades of autumn f10:a11

Hi ya'll! I'm feeling a lot better! YAY! My throat isn't nearly as swollen, still a little raw feeling but hopefully this means I'm on the upswing. Maybe it was allergies after all. I started taking my allergy meds yesterday and they're definitely working. Steenkin' cotton strippin' and wind blowin'!! 

Anyway, with all that aside, I did get my Christmas tree put up this passed weekend and it is fully decorated as of last night. It's beautiful! One day, I want to have one of those houses where there's Christmas in every room and it's Parade of Homes worthy. That's my dream anyway... ;) 
BUT, Christmas isn't quite here yet and we still have a few more shades of autumn features before moving on to shades of winter. Yep, that's right. I've decided to keep this weekly feature around for another season. In fact, I'll keep it around until the next shades of summer and then... I'll re-evaluate things and see if I'm still loving it. So far, I'm still not tired of it and I have so much fun looking through all the wonderful photography on Etsy and then finding items that complement the photography perfectly. 

This week's inspiration comes from this gorgeous photo:

photo source
collage by me

(did anyone else notice that I mixed up the numbers? i blame the allergy meds... ;) haha! at least I remembered all the number unlike Rick Perry...)

I love these colors! They definitely feel like autumn. :) 

Well, tomorrow we have training for our foster-to-adopt licensing. That's kind of a bummer... it's an all day thing. So long Saturday! But, it'll be fine and hopefully sometime soon we can get the lights up on the house. YAY! ;) 

Happy Friday!

And Happy 11/11/11 Day!

And Happy Veteran's Day! Please take a moment to tell a vet thank you for their service and to thank their families for their sacrifice!


  1. tysm for including oh-zie's tee necklace in this beautiful blog :O)

  2. pretty colors... inspiring

    have a wonderful day!

  3. Love these colors! I am honored to have my earrings included among such fine company. Thank you!

  4. I love your inspiration photo! I feel like roasting some chestnuts or baking a pumpkin pie. Beautiful!

  5. You have wonderful taste in fashion and colors.

    Beautiful items.


  6. I love these colors! The purse is terribly cute!


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