Thursday, November 3, 2011

inspiration : thursday thoughtfuls

Hi ya'll! We got another cold front in this week so it's super cold today. Which actually suits me just fine. I love the cold. I can tolerate it so much more than the heat. Why I live in Texas, I do not know... haha. ;) 

Before I get started on the thursday thoughtfuls, I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone for your sweet comments regarding BB, Joey and I. Ya'll are so encouraging and uplifting and I really thank you for that! Okay... on to the feature:

I'm all about positive mindsets and the power of positive thinking. If you're constantly looking at things from a "woe is me", negative, "glass not even worth filling" kind of attitude, how can you expect anything positive to happen?

So here's some positive quotes for you. Print them out. Save them to your computer. Write them on a sticky note and put on your bathroom mirror. What ever you have to do, take these little gems, and tuck them deep in your soul. Remember them. Remind yourself of them. And when the negativity starts your way, look towards the positive things in your life and see past whatever negative things are clouding your positivity. 

I'm really never sure about the validity of quotes, but even if Audrey Hepburn didn't say it, it's still a wonderful quote. 

Yes, I totally agree!

Isn't this what I was saying earlier? ;) 

This is so sweet. I might have to put this on a canvas in BB's room when it's time to do his room makeover. 

One of the main things I do to keep my positive attitude is to be thankful. When I pay bills and I'm broke again, I'm thankful I had the money to pay those bills. When I'm sad and depressed, I'm thankful I'm alive. When I'm worried about finances or circumstances, I'm thankful that I have my health and have a job. Having a thankful mindset can be your biggest asset in your quest to live a more delightful, positive life. I promise.

This month, with Thanksgiving upon us, I'm joining countless others on facebook to do a daily thanks. It's wonderful to start counting your blessings and seeing all the wonderful things around you that you sometimes overlook. I'll share those throughout the week here on my blog. Here's a little recap so far:

November 1st - I'm thankful for our new home. In trying to sell our previous home, I'm so very thankful that our current home is taken care of and that it's something we never have to worry about.

November 2nd - I'm thankful for our new church family. They've been so warm, thoughtful and kind in welcoming us to Plains, and I'm so glad we're here. :)

November 3rd - I'm thankful for my job. It allows me to stay home with BB (and any other children we may take in or have), to support Joey in his ministry and it provides us the necessities of life like health insurance, retirement and of course a steady income. I've been with the company for almost 5 years and it's really been a blessing to me.

I'd like to encourage any of you who are not participating in the "month of thanks" posts, to join in soon. It's a really wonderful exercise and it's not too late to start and catch up.

Happy Thursday!

Stay positive!


  1. I agree whole heatedly! I try to always remember I have so much to be thankful for. I think it helps me keep a positive attitude and a gracious influence on everyone I come in contact with.

  2. So good! Thanks for sharing that, Regina! There are too many negative people out there. YOU, my dear, are a delight and a very positive, wonderful person! I am so thankful for you!!!

  3. There is so much to be thankful for! I always have to remind myself or others when we are having a bad day that somewhere out there in this world someone is having a much worse day!It definately helps put your life back in perspective.

  4. I like the month of thanks posts idea! I may just have to jump in there!

  5. Audrey did say that, by the way!
    Great quotes.


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