Wednesday, November 2, 2011

inspiration : november 2011 mood board

I'm a little late with my mood board. I started working on it the other night but BB got fussy and he takes priority. I'm sure ya'll understand. :)

November 2011 Mood Board

For November, I'm totally in love with the color 'deep teal' and I love how it looks with greys, blacks and browns. It's so versatile. Combine that with some family, laughter, leggings, slouch boots, long shirts and rustic decor, well... then you've got my mood for November. I'm hoping this month is a month filled with happiness, love, family, laughter, food and of course, comfy, fashionable clothes. 

Wishing you many wonderful blessings this month. Happy November!


  1. Happy Novemeber! I swear every one of your mood boards always features one of my favorite colors. I am head over heels in love with that dark teal and adore it when it is paired with the brown camel color:)

  2. love this mood board! I really like that dark teal color too, and it does look good with everything!


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