Tuesday, November 29, 2011

me : a confession and a deal

Hi ya'll! I've been doing a lot of hard-thinking the passed couple months about all of my craft hobbies and I've come to a realization. Hi, my name is Regina, and I'm a craftaholic. I can spend hours and hours in Hobby Lobby and other crafting stores. I love learning a new craft (like last week, my SIL taught me the basics of knitting). I love making things with my hand. I find it thrilling to take some various supplies and work them into something completely different. Like some wire and polymer clay and wire and turning them into a photo holder. That's exciting to me. But, you know that saying, "jack of all trades, master of none"? - that's totally me. And while I do think that's totally fine, the problem is that I'm so busy playing around with various crafts, that I'm not getting to focus and I guess you could say 'fine-tune' the ones that I really, really like. So... I'm weeding out some of the crafts that don't thrill me anymore and I'm going to make some space in my office/craft room by getting rid of things I don't need/want anymore. 

One of the hobbies I'm putting on the back burner is jewelry making. This is something that I really loved for a period of time, but honestly, I'm kinda over it. I'll keep my tools and some beads that I really love, so I can still make some jewelry from time to time but it will mostly be for myself or for gifting purposes. Most of my stuff is going to be cleaned out. Which means you can score quite a deal if you are in the market for some great beads/findings or some ready-to-ship jewelry. 

This is my supplies shop. You can find all sorts of beads, pendants, findings and more here. I've got a LOT more items to add to this shop so if you are looking for something particular, please let me know. You should be able to get to it by clicking the photo above, but if not, just go HERE

And here are some jewelry pieces that are already made and ready to ship. I will ship all items within 36 hours of payment received so (unless there's a delay at the post office) you should have no trouble receiving these items before Christmas. There's only one available of each, so buy them now if you want them. 

P.S. - Shipping is FREE!!!

Description: It's made from Rainbow Aurora Borealis Czech Teardrop beads and pink/orange coral sponge beads. The clasp is a rope-styled toggle clasp and it has a metal charm dangle that is stamped with "LOVE". It's very charming, and fun to wear. 

LENGTH: This bracelet is about 7.75 (7 3/4) inches long or just under 8 inches. About 200mm. 

Clear and Coral Bracelet


Description: This fun bracelet is made with multicolor dyed howlite stones that are rectangular/rounded-ish. They're really bright and colorful and just very lovely! They are accented with cubed AB glass beads that are very shiny and catch a lot of light. Add the cute toggle clasps with the "LOVE" charm and you've got a really fun bracelet that's great for everyday/anyday kind of wear. 

LENGTH: The bracelet is about 7.75 inches or 19.5cm. 

Love Howlite Bracelet


DESCRIPTION: This lovely bracelet and earrings set is made with flat-ish, round-ish freshwater created pearls and beautiful round swarovski crystals. The earrings are made with silver plated fish-hooks. 

LENGTH: The bracelet is about 8 inches long. The earrings are about 1.5 inches long. The dangle part of the earring is right at 1 inch.

Sugar and Spice : 2-Piece Set


Okay, that's all for now, but seriously, help me purge my office of things I don't need, and maybe check someone off of your Shopping List at the same time. ♥

Monday, November 28, 2011

me : a letter to my readers

Dear Reader, 

Many apologies for my lack of posting the past week or so. I was suffering from a bit of writer's block, had a lot of stuff going on, and was just overwhelmed with everything else that I didn't take the time to write. Shame on me. 

While working on my English degree I never took any classes during the summer. I needed that time for myself. I used that time for travelling, being a counselor at church camp, working as much as possible so I could pay bills regularly, hanging with friends and also reading. One summer, as a fan of Stephen King, I read his book "On Writing". It's a non-fiction book, half memoir/half how-to-write book. It was interesting and bits and pieces of it have stuck with me years later. One bit that has stuck with me is when he talks about writing everyday, whether it's good or bad, whether it flows freely or you are practically slamming your head repeatedly against a brick wall. The point is to write. And when you write everyday, you get better at it and eventually, you have less bruises on your forehead from that wall, and more cramps in your fingers (or wrist) from writing/typing. I've failed at this. But, as I sit here before this white blog screen with an endless possibility of words literally at my fingertips, I know that I need to keep writing. And try harder to do it everyday, whether it's here or in my journal. And even though some of my days seem very mundane, they're still important little gifts of time, packaged up in a 24-hour box, and tied with a ribbon of weather, conversations, precious moments with BB and my own ponderings. 

And if anyone is looking for a book that might help them unclutter some thoughts or just improve their writing skills (after all, a blogger is as much of a writer as a novelist, in my opinion) I would highly recommend this book. I'm sure you can find it on amazon for super cheap. And if you get it today since it's Cyber Monday, you can probably get an amazing deal on it. I know I'm going to look for it, buy it and read it again. I think I need that. 

While on my hiatus, one of my favorite holidays occurred. Black Friday. Just kidding... Thanksgiving. ;) I love Thanksgiving! At least I love it nowadays. I didn't always love Thanksgiving. Growing up, the school I attended from Headstart - 12th grade got out for a week for "Deer Season". That's right. On our school calendar it had Thanksgiving labeled correctly, but we didn't get out of school for a week for "Thanksgiving Break" we got out for "Deer Season". That's what it said on our school calendar. In fact, I wish I had one of my old student handbooks to take a picture of the calendar and show you. haha. And while my step-mother and sometime my dad would take their vacation during my week off, it wasn't to spend time with me, it was to go hunting. For me, Thanksgiving was kind of lonely. I spent a lot of my time at home doing what little homework I had, cleaning house, watching TV and just piddling around, trying to keep myself entertained. Thankfully, cousins would start arriving in Summerfield eventually and I would have cousins to play with but really on the whole, Thanksgiving Break for me was a pretty lonely time. And on Thanksgiving, Granny would fix a huge meal, everyone would leave the deer woods and show up to her house sometime around 12 or 1, eat our Thanksgiving feast, and then return to the deer woods until dark. Boooorrrriiiinnnnggg. 

But now, Thanksgiving is totally different. We alternate between mine and Joey's families. This year is Joey's year to have Thanksgiving with his family so on Wednesday afternoon when I was finished with work, we migrated north to the panhandle of Texas to spend a few days with Joey's family. We played games, ate delicious food, laughed a lot, everyone ooh'd and aah'd over BB and on Friday evening, we got to have Christmas with Joey's side of the family. YAY! This year was a good year for Christmas presents! We got several wonderful things but some of our favorites were new things to watch. I got this: 

I've been wanting this for a while now. It's the super long BBC version that I've been wanting forever! I'm so excited!!!

And Joey got this (although we both really love it): 

Any other Castle fans out there? We really got into it last season, the 3rd season, and we love watching it on Monday nights. This weekend we've been watching Season 1 and catching up on all things Castle and Beckett. It's such a great show! It has crime, drama, murder, mystery, romance, comedy... it's just wonderful! If you haven't seen it and need a new show to watch, look it up on abc.com and on netflix. :) And you're welcome. :)

It was sad on Saturday to leave Joey's family. He's always bummed when it's time to leave his family. Especially now that he's a preacher and had to be back on Saturday so he could preach on Sunday. We had gotten use to being one of the first of the kids to show up at his parents' house and the last to leave. This time it was different being the first to leave. But, once we were on the road, it didn't take long before the sadness passed and we were excited about being back home in Plains and getting to see everyone at church. We really feel at home here and although I miss the green, hill country of southeast Oklahoma, I'm really starting to love the arid, desert land of west Texas. 

And it was great to have a few days off, free from the pressures of work, to enjoy time with family. Now it's back to the daily grind, but thankfully, I feel very refreshed and am looking forward to some blog posts coming up, more Christmas shopping to wrap up, some ideas to work on and the overall enjoyment of the "most wonderful time of the year". I ♥ Christmas!!! And even though I haven't blogged in a while, I must say that I did think of my fellow bloggers and readers. I'm thankful for all of the wonderful bloggers out there that inspire me and make me laugh, I'm thankful for all of my followers and I'm thankful for my readers who may or may not follow me. And if you've read through this incredibly long post... well, I'm especially thankful for you! 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Thursday, November 17, 2011

inspiration : thursday thoughtfuls

Hi ya'll! Happy Thursday! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? Holy moly!!! I'm pretty excited though. We will be in Panhandle with Joey's family and that's always a wonderful time! I'm looking forward to laughter, good food, playing games and letting everyone ooohh and aaahh over BB. ;) Because he's so adorable and sweet of course they are going to. 

And today, we all need a little laugh sometimes and these cards from someecards.com make me laugh. 

I love this movie so much. It's so quoteable! 

Why Pinterest > Facebook. 

Haha. Isn't this so true? I know after a stint of watching Food Network I pretty much feel like I can cook anything. Or at least watch someone cook anything. 

Yep... very true!

Oh my... what would I do if Joey didn't like Harry Potter? I don't know if he would have made the cut... ;) 

Hahaha... oh those are funny... :) 

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

me : weekly loves

Hi ya'll! It's been a while since I've done a weekly loves post so I thought it was time for one. :) 

I love Christmas!!! And I LOVE my Christmas tree. Yes, this is my Christmas tree. Its been up for over a week now. Our Christmas tradition (well, I do it and Joey just goes along with it) is to put our tree up after Halloween. I like to have my fall stuff up for September and October and my Christmas stuff up for November and December. I feel that's the way I can really enjoy all of my decorations. :)

I love handmade Christmas gifts. I did these two paintings this past weekend. They are for my niece who LOVES plays, performing, Broadway, etc. My BIL and SIL are redoing her room in a Broadway theme so I made these for her to go in her newly made over room. I'm just hoping she never reads my blog or else the secret is out. But I hope she loves them.  

I love Barnes & Noble. Even though Joey calls it Barnes & NobleS which seriously annoys me!!! Anyway, yesterday, after dropping off BB for his weekly visitation (which I HATE) I went to B&N and just wandered around, taking in the sights and smells and sounds. I love this place. It always makes me think of Fox Books from You've Got Mail, which makes me insanely happy because I love that movie so much. B&N = happiness. Completely. 

I love Pinterest! Seriously! I love it. This is a fabulous idea that is so beautiful and so easy. It's pearls glued to styrafoam balls. I'm so glad that I kept those balls from my 6th grade science project.... I'll be completing some of these sometime soon. 
(Yes, I still have supplies left from my 6th grade science project. I like to hold on to supplies, you never know when you're going to need them ;) )

Another great idea from Pinterest. With us not having tile counter tops anymore (we had them at our old house), I'm thinking about making some of these for our house. 

I love all of the beautiful changing colors going on all around us right now. I love that in the morning, my kitchen has a subtle red glow to it as the morning sun shines through the red leaves outside the kitchen window. It's so beautiful. 

I love this little boy!!!!! ♥
He's so precious and I love that we get to be a part of his life right now and I'm hoping it becomes permanent one day. This picture was taken at the last football game of the season. I'm glad I got to take him. Even though it was cold, even though he got hungry and sleepy and we had to leave early, I'm glad we went. I love him so much!

Okay... that's all for now! What do you love this week???

Monday, November 14, 2011

giveaway : YsmDesigns Winner

Hi ya'll! Happy Monday to you! I generally think that weekends are far too short, but this past weekend was especially short as most of our Saturday was spent at a training class for our foster-to-adopt licensing. It was a refresher course for us as we took the class last year. It's crazy to think we've been doing this for a year now. Wowie zowie!! I have a few posts that I keep batting around in my head in regards to fostering. Why we do it, how we got started, our viewpoint, etc. I haven't decided if that would be interesting or boring, but then again, one of the things about blogging is that doing so is often therapeutic for the blogger so maybe I should go ahead and do it. We'll see. ;) 

Anyway, it is Monday which means that last week's giveaway has ended and it's time to announce the winner! Are you excited?!?!?!? You should be. The winner this week really excites me. I've been around in the blogging world for a couple of years now and I've seen quite a few giveaways. More than once, I've seen the first commenter say something about not going to win because they're the first person to comment and enter and they never win. I've even said that to myself a couple of times but I entered anyway. Well... today is going to squash that theory because the winner of the YsmDesigns is yep, comment #1: 

Which is: 

krafterskorner said...

Oooo, I'm first! This is my favorite item.


I now follow your blog.

Friday, November 11, 2011

inspiration/goodies : shades of autumn f10:a11

Hi ya'll! I'm feeling a lot better! YAY! My throat isn't nearly as swollen, still a little raw feeling but hopefully this means I'm on the upswing. Maybe it was allergies after all. I started taking my allergy meds yesterday and they're definitely working. Steenkin' cotton strippin' and wind blowin'!! 

Anyway, with all that aside, I did get my Christmas tree put up this passed weekend and it is fully decorated as of last night. It's beautiful! One day, I want to have one of those houses where there's Christmas in every room and it's Parade of Homes worthy. That's my dream anyway... ;) 
BUT, Christmas isn't quite here yet and we still have a few more shades of autumn features before moving on to shades of winter. Yep, that's right. I've decided to keep this weekly feature around for another season. In fact, I'll keep it around until the next shades of summer and then... I'll re-evaluate things and see if I'm still loving it. So far, I'm still not tired of it and I have so much fun looking through all the wonderful photography on Etsy and then finding items that complement the photography perfectly. 

This week's inspiration comes from this gorgeous photo:

photo source
collage by me

(did anyone else notice that I mixed up the numbers? i blame the allergy meds... ;) haha! at least I remembered all the number unlike Rick Perry...)

I love these colors! They definitely feel like autumn. :) 

Well, tomorrow we have training for our foster-to-adopt licensing. That's kind of a bummer... it's an all day thing. So long Saturday! But, it'll be fine and hopefully sometime soon we can get the lights up on the house. YAY! ;) 

Happy Friday!

And Happy 11/11/11 Day!

And Happy Veteran's Day! Please take a moment to tell a vet thank you for their service and to thank their families for their sacrifice!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

inspiration : thursday thoughtfuls

Once again, my week is all messed up. First there was Tuesday night when I was up at the church playing bunko with some church ladies. This made me feel like it was Wednesday night since I was up at the church. Then I didn't go to church last night because Tuesday I was starting to get a sore throat and even though I took some meds and went to bed early on Tuesday night (early as in 9:30... I NEVER go to bed that early unless I'm sick) I still woke up Wednesday morning with chills, body aches and that stubborn sore throat. So that made Tuesday night feel like Wednesday night and last night feel like Thursday night which means today should be Friday right? Ugh.... I hate when I'm wrong. I hate even more when I'm wrong about it not being Friday. That's the worst!

But here I am... it's Thursday. I keep reminding myself that it's Thursday. I'm about to take some allergy medicine to see if that will help (after all, it is cotton stripping time and with all the wind we've been having maybe my allergies are just acting up right now), my Christmas tree is 75% decorated, I've got leftover potato soup in the fridge, the baby is napping right now so it's time for a little thursday thoughtfuls. YAY! 

image source
This is so true. It's one thing to say you love someone, it's another thing to show them. As a foster mom, I hear a LOT (more than I want to) of cases where children have been told they are loved, but they aren't shown that love. Don't just say it, show it. With your children, your spouse, everyone. 

image source
What an important lesson to learn!

image source

image source
Be the kind of person, that puts hearts back in to people.  

image source
I'm an optimist. Something it's draining to be an optimist. But then I remind myself of how draining it must be to live a life as a pessimist and I fill myself back up so I can overflow my optimism into the life of ever pessimist I meet. 

Okay... I'm hoping that by the end of the day, all traces of my sore throat will be gone and the Christmas tree will be fully decorated. At least I have control over one of those. ;)

Happy Thursday everyone!

Monday, November 7, 2011

giveaway : YsmDesigns

Hi ya'll! Some of you may remember my tiny necklaces wishlist a while ago. I love doing posts featuring great Etsy goodies because I get to "meet" new and wonderful people all while introducing fabulous creations to my readers. It's definitely a win-win!

One of the necklaces featured in my tiny necklaces wishlist was from the shop YsmDesigns by Yuliana. She creates such lovely, pieces of wearable art, really, that's what they should be called. 

"My jewelry is inspired from many different things.  I love creating nature inspired pieces, so you see a lot of leaves, branches and birds necklaces in my collection.  I also love simple, and modern style which I think is very versatile, in that it can be dressed up or down.  When my inspiration runs out, I usually step back and think about what women want to wear.  Sometimes, I look at fashion magazine to keep up with the trend of the season.  My latest design includes engraved initials on sterling silver/gold filled disc.  I think it is a great way to add a personal touch to the necklaces, and makes it a very thoughtful gift for a special friend or loved one." - Yuliana

"My favorite thing about Autumn is the cool weather and the beautiful, red-orange hues of the trees.  I wish there were more of changing of color here in California.  Maybe one of these days, I will visit the Midwest part of the US. I heard it’s beautiful at this time of the year." - Yuliana

And the great news? Yuliana has offered to giveaway one of her stunning necklaces to one of my lucky readers! AMAZING!! You could win this lovely maple leaves lariat necklace pictured below:

Isn't that gorgeous! And perfect for the lovely fall weather most of us are now experiencing. Even better, it's just in time to make a great Christmas gift for someone you know!

{ Here's How To Enter }
Please leave a comment with each of your entries so they will be counted. 

1. Go to YsmDesigns, pick your favorite item, come back and post the link in a comment below. 
2. Become a follower of Live Delightfully blog and leave a comment that you are. If you're already a follower, leave a comment that you're a follower. 

1. Leave a comment telling us your favorite thing about Autumn/Fall. 
2. Tweet, blog and/or post on facebook about the giveaway. Leave a comment with a link back to your post. 
3. Like YsmDesigns on facebook.
4. Like Live Delightfully on facebook. 

The giveaway will end on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13th at 11:59pm CST. 


Thank you Yuliana for sponsoring this fabulous giveaway!

Yuliana can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Etsy

Happy Monday!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

inspiration/goodies : shades of autumn : f9:a11

shades of autumn : f9:a11

This week's inspiration comes from this lovely photograph:

{ purple }

{ grey }

{ orange }

I love this color combination. Soooo pretty!

And now for some goodies inspired by these beautiful colors:

Have a delightful weekend! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

me : foster parenthood : the adjustment period

It's been a little over a week since BB came to live with us and so far, we're all adjusting really well. He's a really good baby. A little fussy at times, but he's got some tummy issues and he's teething so fussiness is perfectly permissible. 

With our last foster placement, the kids adjusted really quickly but it took us a while to get adjusted to the new routine, the new schedule, the new demands on our time and lives. With BB, it's all coming more quickly. We're settling into this new life as parents of a baby boy pretty easily. He's lovely and adorable and I can't get enough of him.

A part of me wants to be the responsible, educated parent that has their baby on a schedule and is teaching them to be independent. Another part of me wants to just hold him and snuggle him and completely surround him with warmth, love and happiness. Because who knows how much (or how little) of that he got before us. But, I guess, the routine that we're falling into is a pretty good blend of both. He's getting lots of warmth, but he's also learning that he doesn't get to be held all day every day. He's getting lots of love, but he's also being told no when he does things he's not supposed to. He's getting lots of happiness, but he's... well... he's just getting lots of happiness. :)

You never know what the adjustment period is going to be like with a foster placement. We had no idea what to expect with LB and LG and we had no idea what to expect with BB. But I think we did a good job with LB and LG and I think we're doing good with BB. It may not be the way the experts do it, it may not be the way Granny used to do it, but it's the way we're doing it and as some one told me recently, if it's working for us, then keep doing it. 

Did I mention that his wheezing has stopped? He was wheezing so horribly when he came to us, we were pretty worried about it, but I noticed yesterday and today that he's not wheezing at all!!! Pretty excited about that!

I love singing to him all sorts of fun songs. Everything from "You Are My Sunshine" to "Oh What a Beautiful Morning". I like him to have a variety of nursery rhymes, lullabies, secular music, show tunes and of course various Christian music. Joey is singing lots of Acapella to him. I'm not crazy about that but I'll let it slide... haha. 

I really wish I could show you pictures of him. But maybe one day... ;)

But for now, here's a great pic of us on Halloween. With me apparently holding a large oval aka the cutest little monkey you've ever seen. :) 

inspiration : thursday thoughtfuls

Hi ya'll! We got another cold front in this week so it's super cold today. Which actually suits me just fine. I love the cold. I can tolerate it so much more than the heat. Why I live in Texas, I do not know... haha. ;) 

Before I get started on the thursday thoughtfuls, I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone for your sweet comments regarding BB, Joey and I. Ya'll are so encouraging and uplifting and I really thank you for that! Okay... on to the feature:

I'm all about positive mindsets and the power of positive thinking. If you're constantly looking at things from a "woe is me", negative, "glass not even worth filling" kind of attitude, how can you expect anything positive to happen?

So here's some positive quotes for you. Print them out. Save them to your computer. Write them on a sticky note and put on your bathroom mirror. What ever you have to do, take these little gems, and tuck them deep in your soul. Remember them. Remind yourself of them. And when the negativity starts your way, look towards the positive things in your life and see past whatever negative things are clouding your positivity. 

I'm really never sure about the validity of quotes, but even if Audrey Hepburn didn't say it, it's still a wonderful quote. 

Yes, I totally agree!

Isn't this what I was saying earlier? ;) 

This is so sweet. I might have to put this on a canvas in BB's room when it's time to do his room makeover. 

One of the main things I do to keep my positive attitude is to be thankful. When I pay bills and I'm broke again, I'm thankful I had the money to pay those bills. When I'm sad and depressed, I'm thankful I'm alive. When I'm worried about finances or circumstances, I'm thankful that I have my health and have a job. Having a thankful mindset can be your biggest asset in your quest to live a more delightful, positive life. I promise.

This month, with Thanksgiving upon us, I'm joining countless others on facebook to do a daily thanks. It's wonderful to start counting your blessings and seeing all the wonderful things around you that you sometimes overlook. I'll share those throughout the week here on my blog. Here's a little recap so far:

November 1st - I'm thankful for our new home. In trying to sell our previous home, I'm so very thankful that our current home is taken care of and that it's something we never have to worry about.

November 2nd - I'm thankful for our new church family. They've been so warm, thoughtful and kind in welcoming us to Plains, and I'm so glad we're here. :)

November 3rd - I'm thankful for my job. It allows me to stay home with BB (and any other children we may take in or have), to support Joey in his ministry and it provides us the necessities of life like health insurance, retirement and of course a steady income. I've been with the company for almost 5 years and it's really been a blessing to me.

I'd like to encourage any of you who are not participating in the "month of thanks" posts, to join in soon. It's a really wonderful exercise and it's not too late to start and catch up.

Happy Thursday!

Stay positive!