Tuesday, October 25, 2011

me : foster parenthood : anticipation

Yesterday started out as a totally normal day. After two nights of staying up too late (don't worry weekend, I'm not holding any grudges) I slept in a bit and did my usual roll out of bed and stumble straight into my office routine. (A routine I've been working on breaking by getting up earlier... [oh, how God has a sense of humor...]) I worked on my blog, ran some reports for work, piddled with this, caught up on that. Had my cup of coffee. Had my breakfast. And then what was my normal, regular ol' Monday got flipped, turned upside down (thank you Fresh Prince). 

The phone calls began. Some little ones needed placement. Are we interested? : Now, after our first and only other foster placement experience of getting two children, right at school-age, we decided we were going to go a different route and go back to what we originally wanted. One child at a time. Very young, less than a year old preferably. After some back and forth phone calls with the caseworker, and with Joey (who was out doing church stuff), and after some waiting... we finally got the news that we were getting another placement. {Now, as a refresher, I can't put any information on here due to privacy laws, so from now on our little one will be known as BB (Baby Boy).} 

So... after a training class we had last night (for licensing purposes), we scrambled around Babies 'R' Us and Wal-Mart, getting a few necessities. We came home and worked on prepping the house. This morning I got up at 6:30... {6:30} and before 8 am I already had done a load of laundry, vacuumed the whole house, cleaned my office (if you only knew...), took out the trash, and did whatever prep work was left. Whew!

Here's the thing: When you're birthing the child yourself, you have some time to prepare. Granted, some people may not use that time as wisely as they should and are left scrambling at the last minute. With fostering though, you don't get that luxury of having so much prep time. You also don't get the luxury of a bringing home a tiny infant, which is all anyone cares about, so who cares if at this point you haven't put an outlet cover on every outlet possible. With fostering, you are bringing home a child of whatever age and you have to make sure your home is up to code and meets the requirements. Which means scrambling around making sure everything is as it should be. With birthing, you get some time off from work and you get to ease into a routine. With fostering, it's sudden. You have to be completely adaptable and able to work around things. For those of us who are planners, this can be an issue. 

But in the end... you're still bringing a child into your home. Into your heart. I'm okay with the scrambling, the frantic cleaning, my plans going haywire... it's all okay. Because tonight, there's going to be a little one sleeping in this room. 

This room has done a complete turnaround since yesterday morning at this time. This was the guest room. The crib was in the pink room across the hall and this room had the guest bed in it. Yesterday we took it down, moved it across the hall, and moved the crib into this room. All of that sounds very easy but there was a lot more that went into that than just a switcharoo. I don't imagine BB would want a bright pink room. Just a guess. ;) lol. I'm also guessing that there will be a painting party at my house in the next month or so for a little nursery makeover. I'm thinking grey and white chevron on the walls with accent colors of turquoise and lime green. Hmmm... and maybe orange? Hmmm... still pondering that one. Either way, it doesn't matter. Because...

Dear BB, 

I don't know much about you, but I can hardly wait to meet you. 

Your Soon-to-Be Foster Momma

Did I mention we've already got him a Halloween costume? Yep, he's totally ready for the party on Sunday... I'm so excited!!


  1. Regina,
    I can feel your excitement!!
    Is this a possible foster to adopt?
    I know either way this BB will be so blessed to be snuggled, cuddled and taught by you and your husband!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so excited for you! My heart is humbled by the generosity and giving you and Joey so willingly and completely offer. You are true examples of who Jesus is working to complete in each of us. Thank you for being such great role models!

  3. This is so exciting! My aunt is a foster parent for infants. 0-12 months, she often gets them straight from the hospital. It is a wonderful thing you are doing fostering a newborn! Enjoy!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful thing to happen! All the best to your family!

  5. Oh, Yay! So exciting! Please keep blogging as you go along with this!

  6. Hugs.. can feel the excitement and anticapation.. I like the room, bed and all.. don't think that BB would mind pink, if it wasn't so many shades of "PINK"... hehehe.. Hugs..love you guys.. BB will be blessed..

  7. How exciting! I don't know anything about the foster care system, so this is all brand new to me. Good luck with your little guy, and I hope he has a good first night!

  8. Congrats on the new BB! I hope you all have a great first night with good sleep for everyone!! haha

  9. Congrats on BB!! Have fun!


  10. Yay! I'm so excited for y'all!

    I think now I've covered every aspect of social media to say how excited I am :)

  11. That is so exciting! How did you get your husband on board with fostering? I would love to adopt or foster but my husband is more than hesistant.

  12. Congratulations, I hope your transition with BB goes as smoothly as possible. I'm glad BB has a couple so eager to take care of him.

  13. @Brooke - THANK YOU!!! Well... I kind of already had an in. My husband's adopted. He was adopted at 10 months old and his aunt fostered newborns for years and he has several adopted cousins.

    I would suggest at least going to a seminar or foster discussion class. Maybe he will get some questions answered there and relieve some of his hesitations.

  14. So cute the way you already went and got a costume for him lol. Exciting!

  15. So exciting!!! Welcome home little BB!!! :)

  16. BB will be lucky to have you and I am sure you will be just as lucky to have him! I had no idea they placed foster children so fast....I was Miss Scatter Brain when my in-laws placed their puppy with us last minute I could only imagine the scrambling you had to do! Either way you and the hubz are beautiful souls for doing this for children!


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