Friday, October 21, 2011

inspiration/goodies : shades of autumn f7:a11

Hi ya'll! Happy Friday! 

Welcome to week 7 of my shades of autumn series. This weekend it's supposed to be a warm weekend. Ugh. I'm tired of warm weather. This week we had two days that were cool enough to wear boots and sweaters and it was glorious. Now we're back to the heat. I need my heater on at night and my AC on during the day. That's just ridiculous! I'm ready for consistently cold weather. Bring on the snow!!! Haha. 

But alas... no such luck. Not yet anyway. I'll stay hopeful... 

Anyway, on to the feature!

shades of autumn : f7:a11

This week's inspiration comes from this lovely photograph:

| image source |
That's beautiful. I love the bokeh and the texture of the handwriting. It's so romantic. 

And now for some lovely goodies inspired by this photograph:

Aren't those monster slippers adorable! I want some!!! 

Tonight is another football game. It's an away game... bummer. :( I hope we win, our poor boys need another win soon to lift their spirits. If anyone is interested, I'll be tweeting live from the game. ;)

This weekend I've got some grocery shopping to do and some Halloween Party prep work to do. I'm pretty excited about the Halloween Party. I'm planning on doing more photographing of the things I'm making as well as the processes of such so I can share with you all. The past few years I've been in such a rush with the Halloween Party that I haven't had time to document much of anything. But this year I'm hoping to change all that. I'm coming up with a game plan...

Also, I think I'm going to browse around on Pinterest and find a new recipe to try out this weekend or next week. I need some cooking inspiration and I know that if I need any inspiration, Pinterest is the place to go. (Feel free to follow me if you'd like.)

Any fun plans for you this weekend? What's your favorite goodie from this feature?


  1. What a beautiful collection! I especially LOVE the sweater pumpkins. Thank you for including hi tree in your post! <3

  2. Those monster slippers are hilarious! I can so see my father-in-law wearing those. Hmm...maybe that's an idea for xmas:)

    I love that scarf and those sweater pumpkins.

    I am so jealous that you get to have a Halloween party! I wanted to throw one so bad this year but I am traveling all next week and just felt like it would be overwhelming to plan a party (aka have a clean house) and all! Bummer...maybe next year. Can't wait to see your pics!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors and the items. I am going to check out those slippers for Noah.


  4. Wow, well, thank you SO much for finding my photograph and featuring it here! I am honored! This is a nice surprise after a very long day!

  5. Thise slippers definitely looks comfortable! I'd love a pair of those too =)

    xox Linda


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