Friday, October 7, 2011

inspiration/goodies : shades of autumn f5:a11

Hi ya'll! 

Lucky you! You get to see two beautiful shades of autumn features this week. ;) If you missed the other one this week, be sure you check it out. 

shades of autumn : f5:a11

this week's inspiration comes from this lovely photograph

image source

the bluest sky on a chilly autumn morning

the changing colors of the leaves

{dark brown}

And now for some goodies inspired by these lovely colors:

Happy Friday! Congrats on surviving another work week. Have a delightful weekend!


  1. Love these colors. Time for knitting season.

  2. Gorgeous colors! I can see why you were inspired.

  3. So beautiful!! Thank you very much:)

  4. Lovely inspiration!
    I love the brown, turquoise and mustard combo!

  5. Wonderful blog ,I love the beautiful colors and I also have a fear of leprechauns ( just creepy )
    Thank you for including me :D

  6. A great way of watching the colors change. I love the hat & earrings!


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