Saturday, October 1, 2011

inspiration : october 2011 mood board

Happy October! It's funny to me how many people in and out of blogdom are shouting typing joyous praises for Fall/Autumn. I'm right on board with that. Fall is my favorite season, that's fo sho. 

Here's my inspiration/mood board for October 2011 : 

October 2011 Inspiration Board

Warm browns, cool plums, soft oranges, plaid, rustic, cozy.... 

And even a little musical mood as well :

May your October be filled with laughter and new self-discoveries. 


  1. love your mood boards! You have such great style :) Happy weekend!

  2. All day today I've been thinking about how I need to get my hands on some new fall boots and then I stumble over here and see those awesome boots! Great mood board. Happe weekend!


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