Monday, October 3, 2011

inspiration : engagement pictures like you've never seen

I like photography. I'm hoping to buy a new camera next year and take my casual interest and turn it into more of a serious hobby. And it's a dream of mine to find someone, cool enough, to do pictures like this with. This couple is the coolest of the cool to take their engagement pictures to the next level. And even if you don't need engagement photos taken, we can work around that minor detail and still do a photo shoot like this:

To see a larger version of the photos go here

If I knew who they were, and lived near them, I'm sure we would be friends. And we would be constantly coming up with brilliant ideas like this. I think I need to convince Joey to do something like this. 

Would you and your significant other ever do anything like this?


  1. Hahaha, I saw this on Pinterest the other day, too. Love it!

  2. No, but it is pretty funny! My husband hates having his picture taken. My brothers, however, would DEFINITELY do something like this! :)

  3. LOL....that is hilarious. Bet their family never saw that coming (or maybe they did). I'd have to bribe the hubby to ever do something silly like this. He's a "private" kind of goof ball!

  4. I saw this on 9gag not long ago...
    Pretty awesome idea!
    YES, we would definitely be up for something like this!


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