Monday, September 12, 2011

Tour of Homes : Public Spaces {photo frenzy}

Hi ya'll! Happy Monday! 

We have officially been residents of Plains for one month! It's been a wonderful transition and we are so incredibly happy here. We love our home, we love our church family, we love the town, we love everything. Some of you have been asking about our new home and wanting to see pictures so here is the post for you. Now you might think that if someone was taking you on a "tour" of their home, they might make sure EVERYTHING was spotless. Not me. I don't keep my house spotless, I keep my house livable and comfortable. If you come over, don't expect the Hilton, expect real life. It's how I roll. You get to see things in the raw with me, so get ready to see my messy office, dirty dishes in my kitchen and more! If that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will! haha. 

 And now, having said that, I would like to welcome you to my Tour of Homes : Public Spaces. Come on in!

{the office/craft room}

This is my office/craft room. It's where I work, but it's also where I work on my projects and I'm hoping to also have times where I can gather with a couple of friends and scrapbook or work on some hobbies together. Think of it as the venue for future "hobby parties". 

My work desk. This is where I spend 10-16 hours a day. It's true. I practically live here. I eat breakfast and lunch here and sometimes even dinner. My desk is one I bought on Craigslist and refinished. The black shelving unit to the right of my desk is from Target. Lamp and plastic drawers holding the printer are both from Wal-Mart. The box on the wall to the far left is trash... I guess purchasing a trash can is on the To-Do list. 

Work table. This is where I scrapbook, make jewelry and do all of my crafting hobbies. This was my work desk until I made that great Craigslist find. Eventually, I'd like to reupholster this great chair I found on Craigslist (to be seen later) and put it in the corner (where the lamp is) and have a little reading corner. That tall brown thing on the wall actually holds an iron and ironing board. It's cut into the wall or else I would remove it. But I suppose I can work around it and it might come in handy one day when I'm working on sewing projects. 

Here are some color samples that I'm thinking about. It's hard to get a true idea of them, but hopefully you'll understand when you see my Office Makeover board in just a bit. 

Office Closet. Where I keep a good chunk of my "goodies". :) And the WONDERFUL ribbon holder that my sweet father-in-love made and gave to me last Christmas. :D I love that thing!
Some of you may remember my posts way back when, when I was making over my office at the old house. I'm planning on carrying on that some color palette for the simple reason of: it makes me happy. I loved the blue in my old office. It was called 'soft jade' and it always made me happy. 

Here's the inspiration board for my office:

Office Makeover

Hopefully next year I'll get everything done. I'm not trying to get it done this year, there's just too much going on. 

{living room}

In the living room we have a very neutral color scheme. Mostly browns with splashes of colors mixed in here and there. I like to keep it neutral so my seasonal decorations throughout the year don't clash. The windows are wonderful, I love the natural lighting, and am considering getting a valance custom made but, I'm not sold on the idea yet. The windows have those internal blinds, so you can block out the direct light if you want to. 

We had a built in entertainment center at the old house, so we're borrowing this entertainment center from our bedroom. On my To Do list for this room is to buy and entertainment center, preferably one that has book shelves on both sides, and buy a bigger tv so this tv can go in our bedroom. :) 
And of course, new homes can't be perfect... the light fixtures throughout the house need to be updated. BUT, those are relatively easy fixes and will be part of the fun of making this place our home. And don't even get me started on popcorn ceilings.... >.>

Isn't this chair AWESOME!! It's the chair mentioned before. I got it for $50 on Craigslist!!! Chair and ottoman BOTH!!! Right now it's sitting in the living room, but I'm hoping one day it's in its true home... my office. That will happen probably next year when we buy a recliner for this spot. And isn't that a cute dog??? I know... :) Her name is Lorie and she's a GREAT dog! :) The double doors lead out to the patio... which leads us to... 

The patio is wonderful. It's partially covered so if there is a little bad weather, you can move the table and chairs under the cover and still be sitting happy on the patio. I think in the future, we'll buy another patio set and a fire pit for either further out on the patio, in the yard that you see, or in the yard on the other side of the house. But that's not a top priority at all right now. And if the weather gets REALLY bad... 

We have this indoor grill in our living room!!! You can grill AND have all the fixins' next to it. Isn't that just the coolest?!?
Moving on....

{the formal dining room formally known as a den}

This used to be the living room until they added on the current living room and my office. 
When we first looked at the house I imagined my dining room table in the kitchen and this room having bookshelves, comfy chairs for lounging and I guess just kind of a study or living space if you didn't want to watch tv in the living room. However, our table did not fit in the allotted space in the kitchen, so we set it up smack in the middle of this room. So now, we have a "formal" dining room, WITH a fire place. I know... we're very high class!

And as odd as it may look, I actually love it. It has magnetic forces. People just naturally congregate there. Even people who are planning to leave and are heading for the door will stop, even sit down and talk some more for a bit. I think that is fabulous! 
I don't have as many shelves for my books as I did at the old house, so a lot of them are hidden in the cabinets below the shelves. It's okay though for now. Eventually I'd like to  move the books out from the cabinets though and instead put games in the cabinets to free up the linen closet for more linens, less games. 

We LOVE LOVE LOVE that we have a mantle. We've lived in a house and an apartment with fireplaces but no mantles. It's annoying. But we're really excited about having one!! And you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be fall and Christmas decorations all over this soon. :) 

We're not crazy about the doors on one side of the bookshelf. Eventually I think we'll remove those and fix those shelves up a bit. 

Also on the To Do list is updating these fixtures. This ceiling fan doesn't work so it needs replacing and I've considered updating the track lighting... but we'll see. 

{entry way}

Here's the entry way. It's so dark in this area during the day, I think we'll buy a new door eventually with a MUCH larger window to let more light in. I know the painting doesn't really go with the decor of the dining room and the red of the door, but I love this painting and wanted it hanging somewhere... There's that cute dog again! :) 

Light fixture in the entry way, definitely needs to be updated. It'll be fun but also nerve-racking I'm sure... all those choices of wonderful lights and not knowing which one I want. haha. 

Here is where I imagined our table going, but that didn't work out like I imagined so now we have this open space. We've considered buying a small table or bistro set, but I've come to love the open space so now I'm not sure if I want anything there. This is still up for discussion obviously. 

Another light fixture to update. 

This kitchen is definitely smaller than my last kitchen, but I still like it. It's comfy and cozy and most everything is just a step or two away. 

Don't you just love my dirty dishes. ;) 

My kitchen decor is red with some rustic greens, browns and yellows mixed in. I have a rooster theme going throughout and I really like it. It gives it a homey, country vibe that takes me back to my roots. 

Do you remember my post about window seats? Well I kinda have one now! Granted, it's in the kitchen, in a sort of awkward place to be curled up reading in a window seat, but I still love it. Right now it's holding Jacob, Bella and Edward. Yes... I name my plants and some trees. Yes... I named them after characters from the Twilight saga. I don't have issues. I don't. 

Okay, that wraps up my Tour of Homes : Public Spaces. Come back next Monday for the Private Spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms. :) 

And now that you've seen my home, head over to my bloggy friend Jenna's blog to view her Tour of Homes. ALSO, if any of you want to join in the fun that would be great! We'd love to see your spaces! :)

Check out Jenna's fanTABulous blog: 


  1. I can not even put into words how much I am loving your office inspiration board! The colors are just perfect and I can't wait to see it all come together *someday*. It's the bombdiggity..LOL Ugh...totally agree about the mantle. I'm jealous you have one now. We don't have one and it is the most annoying thing ever! That is our next project though; remodeling the firplace and adding a mantle. Thanks for the tour and Lori is pretty:)

  2. I love your house tour! I have light fixtures like that in my house. They were one of the first things on our to do list and 9 years later they're still there. lol Hope you have a lot of fun with your projects. It inspires me to try to do something with my house

  3. Ooooh! I love the windows in your living room..they're gorgeous!
    It looks like we're both battling with fixtures that need to be replaced. I would've never guessed that you've only been there one month...the place looks like it's really coming along...and your house is beautiful!

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