Friday, September 23, 2011

me : weekly loves

Hi ya'll! Time for some weekly loves! My week got away with me last week and I forgot my weekly loves post. What is it that makes us feel like we're a day off? Last week I woke up on Wednesday thinking it was Thursday. This week I woke up on Wednesday thinking it was Tuesday. It's so weird. 

Anyway, here we go...


... and Buffy
I love watching Buffy and Angel on Netflix. It was one of those shows that I wanted to watch when it was first out but never got to. 

I love this sweet doggy! She got her first grooming this week and they put bows in her hair. It was super cute, but they didn't last long. 

I love date nights!! I don't know why my camera is all fuzzy, I think it's dying. :( But regardless, I still love date nights! Last night we got dressed up and went out on a date. We went to a new (to us) restaurant and even though the cheese sticks were awesome and they played a Backstreet Boys song, the overall experience was mediocre. I give it a C. Then we went to the mall and looked at the cute animals in the pet shop. I almost got Lorie a sister. They had these adorable Cocker Spaniel/Chiweiners that I really wanted. I've been trying to decide what kind of puppy I want when it's my turn to get one and I think I found it. I want something small, not tiny. And these were so stinkin' cute! But I didn't get one and we moved on to Barnes & Noble where we got a yummy Starbucks drink and I got a new coffee cup. Have I mentioned that I kind of collect Starbucks cups? I'll blog about it sometime...
I also got two new books, "Cider House Rules" and "The Girl Who Stopped Swimming". I'm excited about reading them, when I have the time. :) I also got this...

I LOVE B&N planners. I bought them for several years in a row and then last year I waited too late and missed my chance. I'm back on board, ready for the next year, and I really love the new layout. It has book covers from various American Books. Umm... planner + books? Yeah, that's totally me. 

So what do you love? Care to share with the rest of the class? ;)


  1. That's a gorgeous pic of you! I so would have a difficult time picking out a puppy;I want them all! I never read the Cider House Rules but absolutely love the movie:)


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