Tuesday, September 13, 2011

inspiration/goodies : shades of autumn f1:a11

Hi ya'll! Welcome to the very first feature of shades of autumn : autumn 2011. 
I've got my windows opened and am soaking up the fresh air that has a touch of fall in it. Of course, my windows are open because our A/C went out, but it's okay, it's actually really nice. Could be worse. The A/C could go out in July. So see, not so bad at all.

Okay, enough of my rambling, on with the good stuff:

shades of autumn : f1:a11

This week's inspiration comes from this lovely photograph: 

{honey mustard yellow}
the honey suckle flowers in the backyard
changing leaves

{teal green}
cool morning sunrises

{dark orange}
changing leaves

And now some goodies inspired by these lovely colors: 

Aren't those lovely?

I'm so looking forward to more shades of autumn. Have a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. The title "shades of autumn" just sounds nice and cozy. Terrific color combo for your picks! Sorry to hear about your A/C but like you said it could have been on some reacord breaking hot day!

  2. Oh wow! I'm honored to be featured with such sweet items! I just love that title and really enjoyed your profile!

  3. ~ really lovely pieces perfect for fall! thanks :)


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