Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I don't think this is going to become a regular feature, but it sure is a lot of fun so expect to see these posts from time to time. I just {love} reflecting on and thinking about the things that I'm loving this week or today. It's like counting your {blessings}. You can't not feel {chipper} and {cheerful} after counting your blessings. And who doesn't need {more} chipperness or cheer in their life?

Sorry, I don't know why it showed up on blogger sideways... weird.
I'm loving this nail polish! It's called 'My Lifesaver' and it's actually more of an aqua color, but here in the picture it looks more like sky blue. But it's {fabulous}, and I love that I'm wearing something that I love, {regardless} of what people might think of the "crazy youth minister's wife". Being {me} never felt so good.

I'm loving our monthly {Ladies' Bunko night}. Although once a month is not enough for me, we should totally kick that up to twice a month. But that's just me.... the game player. ;)

I'm loving these bright beautiful [fake] flowers in my office. I'm getting ready to host a baby shower this weekend and the theme is hot pink and lime green. It should be fan-tab-u-lous! More pics on that later... ;)

I'm loving that in two weeks it'll be my {birthday}!

I'm loving even more that in 3 weeks I'll be {poolside} at my mom's house for a week. I'm so looking forward to having some mom & me time. We never had a lot of that before {now}.

I'm loving that {Joey} likes to come into my office throughout the day, sit in this chair beside my desk, play songs on his {guitar} (some dedicated to me) and just talk to me. I've come to really {treasure} those times. ♥

What about you? What are you loving today?

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And please visit my friend Ashley's blog to see her weekly WILW posts. :)


  1. Awe...Lots of stuff to nice!
    I actually painted my toes today. =) It was so nice out and I wanted to wear flip that was nice. =)

    I love sunshine! =)

  2. Great stuff! I love your WILW posts! :)


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