Monday, May 16, 2011

me : weekend recap

Hi ya'll! Whew... this weekend was crazy, but it was a wonderful kind of crazy!

Friday: Friday night, the Children's Home was hosting a Parent's Night Out so all of us Foster Parents got to drop our kids off for about 3 hours while we do what we wanted. Because it was Joey's birthday last week, we decided to go to the movies and Joey got to pick the movie. He ended up picking Thor because it fit within the time slot we needed and we really couldn't have picked a better movie. We got to the theatre just in time to get our pop and popcorn (we decided not to do dinner and just eat popcorn for dinner... haha) and get a great seat. Albeit, it wasn't great seats when a couple brought their kids and sat right behind us with the chattiest of chatty girls. (Oh the irony...) But it was fine most of the time. The movie was in 3D so it was pretty cool. And we made it back to the Children's Home right on time to pick up our kiddos and go home.

Saturday: I woke up about 8:30, walked 1/2 a mile, jogged 1/2 a mile, showered and dressed. Then I got busy with baking. I started out with the cupcakes, then moved on to Joey's belated birthday cake and the Smore Pops. (Recipes to come on a later post.)

By this time, Jeremy and Hillary (friends from OKC that are getting married next month and Joey's doing the officiating) showed up and Joey took them to his office for their premarital counseling. Mikenzie and Candace were also in and out visiting, hanging out, taste-testing, etc. Eventually, I got everything baked and decorated and Joey had convinced Candace to watch the kids so Jeremy, Hillary, Joey and I went to Lubbock again. We went to eat at Spanky's,a burger shop here that's delicious and well-known for it's Fried Cheese. YUM!

image via source

Then we decided to go watch a movie and Joey got to see another movie he wanted to watch for his birthday... Fast Five. It was really good too although I thought there were going to be more muscles and cars and muscle cars... so disappointed in that. ;) (I hope you get the heavy sarcasm there.) There was one scene where The Rock and Vin have a fist fight.... I really was worried for both of them... it could have gone either way. The Rock is bigger, but Vin had more to fight for.  

Sunday: Sunday we had church, then I came home, ate lunch and got ready for the baby shower. I got up to the annex early, got everything decorated (with some help), and then we had the shower. It was for a young lady about my age from church. She's an ag teacher in town so we did the shower in a sheep theme with hot pink and lime green as the colors. It was bold, beautiful and was a lovely time. We had great food, lots of fun and I was so caught up in everything that I didn't take a single picture. Ugh! But, it was still a wonderful time. :)

Part of the shower decor.

The shower is for an ag teacher in town so I made Sheep Cupcakes!

By the time I got home, I got to relax for about an hour, then I changed clothes and the youth group came over for a devotional. After that we went back to Lubbock for dinner and when we got home one of the Youth Group Alums came over for some game playing. We played Nertz and Farkle. Lots of fun! :) Finally about 11 or so we kicked her out (sort of) and went to bed, completely exhausted. haha.

Like I said, it was a crazy weekend, but a wonderful kind of crazy...
How was your weekend?

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