Friday, May 20, 2011

me : raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Hi ya'll and HAPPY FRIDAY! ♥ Last week, my friend Ashley tagged me in a Favorite Things post, so now I have to post about my favorite things. I'm doing mine a little differently than she did so be sure to check them both out! I'm excited about this because it's making me focus on some good things in my life and that's what I really need to focus on right now. Yay for counting your blessings! :) So here we go!

{my favorite hobby : blogging}
I love blogging. I've always loved writing, I've been journaling since I was little and now it's cool that I get to expand that to a blog and people from all over can see it. Thank you to everyone who reads, follows and comments on my blog. It gives me little warm fuzzies everytime I get an email that someone has commented. :) 

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{my favorite shoes : TOMS}
I ordered these last night with my birthday money. They aren't even in yet and they are my favorite shoes. Why? Because they're cool, comfortable and for every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS sends one pair of shoes to a child in need.

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{my favorite show : DWTS}
Dancing with the Stars is my favorite show. I love it every season! And on Monday DWTS ends and The Bachelorette starts and I'm REALLY excited about that too. I love reality tv. Always have. haha. ♥ 

image by: Regina Cummings
{my favorite site : Pinterest}
I love this site! I spend time on it nearly everyday. It's so much fun, I get so inspired and uplifted and I just LOVE that site!! You can follow me HERE.

{my favorite music : Mat Kearney on Pandora}
I've had my Pandora set on a Mat Kearney station for the passed several months. The music is absolutely perfect and I LOVE it! You should go do it too, you won't regret it. :) 

{my favorite food : stromboli}
This is the dish that I requested every year for my birthday from my Granny. And since my birthday is coming up this Tuesday and Granny isn't here to make it, I'll be making it myself and posting pics up of it afterwards with a recipe so you, too, can enjoy this scrumdiddlyumptious meal!

{my favorite day of the week : Saturday}
I love Saturday because it's so open to possibilities. It's like the one day of the week that represents absolute freedom. Of course, my Saturdays are usually booked pretty quickly, but that's because they are so free to have whatever done with them. ♥

And with that, I think I'll bring this to a close. It was a lot of fun though, so I might do it again... besides, it's always great to sit and focus on your favorite things. You can't fight the cheerfulness that brings you. :) 

And now, I would like to tag:

Jennifer of Colorfly Studio

Can't wait to read your posts!



  1. My husband and I saw Mat Kearney in concert, in Hollywood, when we were living and working in L.A. He is also one of our favorite road trip sounds, so whenever we hear him, we get the itch to travel.

    Expect my favorite things post next week!

  2. Great post! I just got a pair of Toms a couple of weeks ago and I love them! I'm excited about DWTS & Bachelorette too!


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