Sunday, May 8, 2011

me : Mother's Day Recap

Hi all! Well, I guess you could say this was my first Mother's Day, since we do have our foster kiddos now. A part of me still feels very weird about it, almost like I'm a "mom-poser". But then again, right now, during these months of these kids' lives, I am their mom. So, for today, I'll set aside my doubts and feelings of awkwardness, and instead relish in the day that is mine.

But today, as I sat in my office, working on some stuff for my friends' wedding, I was thinking about how it's Mother's Day, and these kids aren't getting to spend time with their mother today. And worse, she's not getting to spend time with them. She made a terrible mistake, was caught up in the moment and did something that she will have to live with for the rest of her life. Being the google nerd that I am, I decided to "google" her. I found a picture of her online and although I expected to feel anger at her for what she put those kids through, I instead felt (and still feel) very sorry for her. She's missing out on LB finally getting taken care of with his vision and hearing problems. He's going to start hearing and speaking perfectly soon and she's not going to get to hear it. She's missing out on LG learning how to count and spell her name. She's missing out on listening to them giggle about some inside secret that only they are privy to. She's missing it all and my heart hurts for her.

Okay... enough with the solemn, sad, sappy stuff... on to what else filled my day....

Now, I'd love to post a picture of the beautiful necklace that I received for Mother's Day, but I can't. We bought matching necklaces for my mom and I for Mother's Day and in the off chance that she might actually read this blog, I don't want to put a picture up of it. I don't care if she knows what she's getting, I just don't want her to see it beforehand. :) But I love mine and I know she's going to love hers. :)

Aside from that, today has been a roller coaster of a day. I had a bad hair day, a bad clothes day (I can't decide which is worse), I got to wear my new Mother's Day necklace, I got a sweet painting from LB from Children's Church, the kids took a nice long nap this afternoon, LB got really sick: ran a high fever, throwing up, Joey took him to the ER to find out he has strep, I cleaned up vomit, I did laundry, I got to craft and work on wedding stuff for a friend, I laughed with the hubby, I cleaned up more vomit, I watched an episode of Dawson's Creek... it was just a roller coaster. But all in all, as I'm about to go get ready for bed for the night, I had a good day and I'm thankful for the little ones tucked in their bed, for the big one that's getting me ice water right now, and for the Biggest one who put us all together in this life.

Here's a look at some of the crafting I did today:

Please excuse the poor quality of these photos, they were taken with my phone:
Bouquet for my friend. Before the sparkles were added.

Close-up of my friend's bouquet, with the sparkles.

Bubbles. 72 Bottles of bubbles. I finally got to use my Cricut Expressions cutting out all these tiny tags and then I stamped and tied them on by hand. All 72 of them. And you might not think that would take very long, TRUST ME, it takes longer than you think.

Well, that's what I did on Mother's Day... what did YOU do?

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  1. I am so glad I found your blog. I love your writing style and your honesty. What an interesting Mother's Day you had. I don't know if I would have taken the illness in stride as you did.

    This year I really felt the pain of several friends and relatives who are facing hard Mother's day emotions. A cousin who longs to be a mother, a blog friend who said goodbye, in this world, to her mother this year and others who are struggling with wayward children. It is not always the Hallmark Moment we wish for.
    I, however, was very blessed with a picnic lunch after church with our Moms and two of our kiddos. The third was away for the day but he wished me a Happy Mother's Day just before Midnight when he returned. I laughed and said he got that in just in time. lol

    Your wedding project is cute. It is so much fun to plan and work on weddings.


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