Monday, May 2, 2011

me : foster parenthood

Hi everyone! Whew... it's been a busy, busy weekend! I feel almost redundant with how often I say I had a busy day, or I'm going to have a busy day, or I'm busy, etc. Busy. Busy. Busy. I'm not really complaining... yet. For the most part, I like everything that I'm busy with. Some things I've liked more than others....

Friday, these two had their first visitations with their potential adopters. I've said from the moment we got them that I didn't feel (in my heart) like they were going to be ours forever. I've always felt like we were just the bridge between their old life and new life and that I was okay with being that bridge. I still feel that way. I'm still okay with being that bridge. But, Friday, I got a little inkling, a little taste of how hard it's going to be to pack them up for the last time and say goodbye for probably forever. It's going to be harder than I ever thought it will.

This little one, hugged my leg tightly when we were dropping them off for visitations. I wanted very badly to just scoop her up and take her back home with me saying, "Sorry, maybe next week we'll be ready!" I didn't do that of course, but I still wanted to.

We got these plants in the ground. The garden isn't pretty and hopefully the cool temps last night didn't hurt it, but they're in, and hopefully they grow. We have squash, tomatoes, watermelon, bell pepper, cantaloupe, okra and cucumber. If all of that produces... I'll be stoked!

Sundays are for church, naps and fort building. These kids have never built their own fort before, so after I finished clearing away the dishes from lunch and cleaning the table, I built them a fort. OR as LG likes to call it a "fork". Either way, they had a great time and I'm glad I can teach them the "big" things like God loves them, etc. and the "little" things like forts are awesome.

Happy May everyone!

Does anyone else feel like time is flying by much too quickly?


  1. You are a brave heart. Foster parenting takes courage and lots of love with the willingness to let go. We have very dear friends in our church who foster and we have observed this in their lives. I'll be praying for you as you walk through this process. And for the children as they are blessed with a permanent home.

    We have come very close to signing up to foster but just haven't gotten there. Maybe God knows I couldn't handle it, I don't know.

  2. Regina, I think what you and hubby are doing with the fostering is wonderful. You are sharing Jesus and God's love with those kids and hopefully that will stay with them forever.

  3. Time DOES fly, I know the feeling.
    I am so in awe of you being a foster parent, what a blessing you are to these kiddos!

    PS - you won the Simply Objekts giveaway on my blog. Can you please email me your mailing info to ? Thanks!

  4. Now that's a fun looking fort!


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