Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the ginger listographer : pets

Here is another part of my listography series.

This list is all of my pets. I've had several fish over the years, cats that lived in or around our house, dogs that came and went, but this is the list of all the pets that I claim.


{Lady} - an overweight beagle that was my constant companion and friend when I was a little girl. My favorite pet of all time. Lady took care of me but also helped the stray cats that lived at our place take care of their kittens. They all slept with her in the winter to keep warm. She is my #1 favorite dog of all time.  

Lady (R) and Ruff Ruff (L)
{Ruff Ruff} - a pomerian my brother and his (then) wife left at my grandparents.

{Bossie} - a stray tabby cat that claimed my grandparent's house his home.

{Tuttles} - Probably a stray. Most of my cats growing up were strays that "took up residence" at my grandparent's home. I named him after Aristotle.

{Nick & Carter} - Two beta fish that a friend brought home to me from a wedding he attended. Yes. I named them Nick and Carter after the one and only Nick Carter, whom I love to this day.

Me and Chispito
{Chispito} - a west highland white terrier I bought for myself early in 2005. I originally named him Chiquito, Spanish for small, but one of my Puerto Rican friends convinced me to name him Chispito, Spanish for 'little spark'. Chispito caused a fight between a close friend and I, I took him with me when I moved to OKC, but later had to give him to my roomie's parents because I just didn't have time for him.

Me & Minna
{Minna} - a gray and white cat that was bought for me by a guy I was daying at the end of 2005. Minna didn't like anyone but me. When I got married in December 2006, she hated Joey, Joey hated her, she peed on all of the Joey's stuff, eventually Joey won and Minna was taken to a shelter where I like to believe someone came along and took her to their lovely home where she still lives today.

Chewy opening his Christmas present in 2007.
{Chewy} - The first pet Joey and I owned together. We had Chewy for a little over a year. We named him Chewbacca because that's what he looked like when he was little, but then we just called him Chewy for short. Turns out, Chewy was a very appropriate name as he took to chewing up carpet in our apartment, house, townhouse and even my dad's house. After he destroyed the carpet in our bedroom in our townhouse, Joey said that was it and he had to go.

Gus front left, Topher back right.
{Gus & Topher} - After we gave Chewy away, I wanted another pet. What can I say, I'm a nurturer. We bought these two from Petsmart and we each claimed one. Joey got the boy, I got the girl. After going through several names, Joey finally decided on Gus for his after Gus from "Lonesome Dove", and I decided on Topher for mine. I like the name Topher Grace and even though it's kind of a boy name, I don't care. She's my cat, I'll call her what I want. Gus has since passed on, he was hit by a car last May and we had to put him down. I still have Topher. She's an independent spirit who does what she wants and expects us to let her in and out whenever she pleases. Something we have to do as she can be very persuasive.

Lorie as a pup.
Lorie playing in the snow last year.
{Lorie} - The summer of 2009 we went shopping at the mall for some shoes for me. We walked out with a golden retriever pup and no shoes. Joey told me he had always wanted a golden retriever, it was his dream dog. And how could I pass up on his dream, huh? So we got this tiny furball and brought her home and now she's grown up to a 50 pound beast. But she's a great dog and is now my 2nd favorite dog of all time... and is very close behind Lady for the #1 position. And her name... well, I wanted to name her Lucy, BUT, since she was Joey's dog, he named her Lorie. After Lorie from "Lonesome Dove".
{Clara} - The same weekend that Gus was hit by the car, a girl in our youth group brought us this teeny, tiny little kitten that they found by their house. Because Joey was facing the loss of Gus, I told him it was his decision. If he wanted to keep the kitten then he could name her. If not, we would take care of her till she got better and then find a home for her. Needless to say, Joey decided to keep her (he's such a softie) and he named her Clara. Also a character from "Lonesome Dove". Anyone detecting a pattern here? And as a side note, Joey really wants to get a chocolate lab and name it Deets.


Well, that's all for now. I have plans for more pets... I have been wanting a yorkie forever, but if not a yorkie, I want some other smaller dog I think.

What about you? Do you have a favorite pet or a pet that you really want?

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