Saturday, May 7, 2011

fashion : an ode to saturday.

Saturday. Saturday. Carefree Saturday.
You are overflowing with possibilites and potential.

Sometimes, napping and laundry are best.
Sometimes, it's grocery lists and gardening.
Sometimes, you bring days full of crafting, dreaming, singing and dancing.
Sometimes, all I do is read. And that's perfectly fine.
Sometimes, I have events for attending and people for mingling. 
Sometimes, you let me go shopping. 

I love you Saturday. 

Saturday. Saturday. Carefree Saturday.
You are overflowing with possibilities and potential. 
You are mine. 


A perfect Saturday outfit :

Whatever you are doing on this Saturday, I hope you are spending it doing something you love with someone you love. Life is too short to be spent otherwise.

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  1. so glad i found you through EBT - love the fashion posts!


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