Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Color Crushes: Mustard Yellow & Olive Green

I'm not sure if it's allowed to crush on colors, but I totally am anyway. My "IT" colors for spring this year are mustard and olive green. I'm SO in love with this colors right now. I love the brightness of mustard. It's got the warm, fun feeling of yellow, but in a more sophisticated shade. And during a time where everyone is thinking emerald green because of St. Patrick's Day coming up or pastel green because of Easter and spring, olive green is getting overlooked. But not by me. I love the subtleties of the color and again, it's a very sophisticated shade.

So... here are a few goodies from Etsy featuring my color crushes:

Anyone else crushing yet? That mustard tote is totally my favorite! I'm hoping that if I sell a couple things in my shop I'll hop on over there & buy it. It's perfect!

So what are your "IT" colors this spring? If you post about it link it up, I'd LOVE to see it!


  1. What a great and happy color combination !

    Thanks so much


  2. I have been in love with yellow and grey lately. But honestly - was in a meeting yesterday and someone was wearing that olive green color and a nice floral mushroom-yellow/olive green scarf. and i made a note to self "get an outfit in that color combo!" ;-)

  3. You're welcome Feyza!

    And I'm with you Amylee, I'm on the prowl for some good grabs in those colors. :)


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