Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Love Letter to Spring & Terrarium Goodness

Dear Spring,

This la nina winter has messed with your heart. You're not sure if you're here yet, or if you're supposed to wait a while longer. I understand, life's confusing sometimes. In the mean time, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous! But I know it can't be trusted, at least not yet. I'm not originally from here, but the locals tell me you can't trust the weather until after Easter. So for now, I'm waiting. Waiting a little bit longer before I start my indoor nurseries for my garden. I'm planning a bigger and better garden this year, Spring, so I'll need your full cooperation. And while I'm waiting, I'm looking at these lovely terrariums and and thinking of all the fun we'll have, once you're really here. But don't worry Spring, for you, I'd wait forever.

Love & johnny-jump-ups,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Faves: Inspiration

Just a few links to provide you with some inspiration.

If you have been putting off getting Valentine's for your kiddos for their school parties, you might consider this BRILLIANT idea. Sure, it'll take some time to take pictures and work them through picnik.com, BUT the outcome is totally worth it AND you have all weekend to work on this project. Plus, the kiddos can even help out a bit.
Whether you have children or not, go visit The Saturated Palette and get lost in the memoirs of this Mom of one feisty little boy, and new Mom of a sweet (but I'm sure she'll be spunky too) little girl. Plus, the thoughts she pulled from this book have been on my mind since I read her blog. I definitely want to check out this book.
Confession: I've only been to Anthropologie's website once. Reflection: Sooo many of my friends in the blogging world talk about Anthropologie. Realization: I'm going to have to check this out more. Especially after seeing this pictures, it seems Anthropologie is THE place to find some inspiration.
Weekends are for cleaning house, catching up on laundry and crafting. At least, that's what I TRY to do on the weekends. Sometimes it works out like that, sometimes it doesn't. So if you're like me and need something to craft on, go visit this blog; it's LOADED with fun ideas.
Dionne's a paper girl. Funny, me TOO!!! I love getting new journals, note books, note pads, stationery, etc. I really, really want some new stationery. I haven't had any new stuff in WAY too long. But you should check out the lovely goods on Dionne's blog AND enter her giveaway.
Have a fantabulous weekend! Take care!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I had to stay home from Ladies Class at church because my fever is back and I've developed a cough. :(

But, the silver lining to that is I got to play around on Etsy and make myself feel better with a little purple therapy. :)

This picture really doesn't do the itmes justice. You really should stop off at the real deal and see everything up close and where you can click them yourself. :)

I'll take two.... HUNDRED!!!

Sometimes, you come across an item that is so perfect, you want more than one. More than two! You want it in every color and style combination imaginable. You want as many as you can afford. No, even more! You want more than you can afford! {What's the going rate for a kidney these days and just how many of these perfect items can I buy with one kidney? What if I throw in a tonsil and spleen?}

A week or so ago I was browsing around Etsy, looking for lovely little Valentine's Day items and I came across this little clutch from the shop eclu. Now, normally, I'm not much of a clutch person. Mainly because I keep a lot of things in my purse that take up a lot of room: journal, bible, book, wallet, etc. BUT, I am most definitely willing to rethink my purse strategy if only I could have one of these delightful things.

Just look at all the choices and prettiness!

I know, I know... you're smitten now too aren't you? Hop on over to eclu and add her shop to your favorites. Then start saving up your money (it shouldn't take long, these gorgeous little things are VERY affordable), and treat yourself to the world's most darling clutch ever! You will thank yourself for it. ♥

[All pictures are from eclu.]

Friday, February 4, 2011

Surround Yourself With Love♥

I love Valentine's Day. I always have. In school, I loved making our Valentine's Day sacks or boxes for the other kids to put my Valentines in. I don't know if they've changed the way they do Valentines since I haven't bought them in a long time, BUT, I do know that in the past, there was always one or two Valentines that were just a little extra special.  I loved saving the best Valentines for that particularly cute boy in school. And I loved getting home, going through my sack and seeing who had sent me their best Valentine.

I loved Valentine's Day when I was single, I loved it when I was taken. I love the colors and the candy and the flowers and the sweetness and the romance, oh the romance! I was never one of those cynical people who instead celebrate "Single Awareness Day" and walked around like the Romance Scrooge. Siiiigh... I guess it's just the hopeless romantic in me. *Daydreams of meeting someone atop the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day*

Well, if you aren't in the mood yet for love, maybe this blog will help you get there. And if you already are in the mood for the lovey dovey-ness of V-Day, then this blog just might put you over the top. But, here are some perfectly lovely items for V-Day to give to others, and to keep for yourself:

 Red is such a lovely color in the winter to brighten things up,
and this scarf is perfect for channeling your inner cupid!

Perhaps you're taken and want to tell the world?
Or perhaps there's a dear friend in your life
whom you would like to show that they, too, are loved on V-Day?
Whatever your reason, isn't this purse super cute??

Office Party? Jazz up those cupcakes in NO time
by just sticking them with these "oh so cute and fun"
handmade tulle bows! Perfect for those party procrastinators...
... not that I would know anything about that of course! ;)

Or perhaps there is no office party for you. BUT,
you can still send out a quick office IM and invite people
to your cubicle for a delicious treat of Chocolate Covered
Cherries in X's and O's. And who knows, maybe that cute
guy 3 cubicles down will come over and you can finally have
that conversation you've been dreaming about for so long. Go Get 'Em!

And you can't invite all these people to your cubicle
and have it looking bland and boring, can you?
OF COURSE NOT! So spruce up your cubicle,
or in my case, my cork board, and embrace the lovey dovey spirit.

And what better day to show that special four-legged
love of yours how much you care? Safe, natural, yummy dog treats.

If you're like me, you can easily get lost in books.
Now is a perfect time to tell your sweety that they are
still loved more than your books. :)
Not in the "I love you" stages yet of the relationship?
No fear, this card is here to the rescue! How FUN!
Sometimes, you can't get your man away from the
football (or other sports) games long enough to do anything
with you at all. Maybe you need this shirt to remind him
to put away the remote and do something for you.

Okay, I saved these for last on purpose! I absolutely ADORE them!
I have been browsing for stack rings for over a year now
but just haven't committed to any of them yet.
But I think I've found "the one". I love this set!
And what's even better, you can still order it and get it in 
before Valentine's Day! Start dropping your hints NOW! :)

So... what about you? Are you a lover of Valentine's Day
or would you rather shoot cupid with his own arrow?