Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I love New-ness...

Alright, just a couple of quick announcements....

First, I forgot to mention in my earlier blog but I am OFFICIALLY an international jewelry designer, crafter, marketer and seller. Saturday I received an order on Etsy for a pair of my earrings from a lady in Moscow, Russia. RUSSIA! Holy macaroni Batman! It's crazy to think that in a couple of weeks, some lady in Russia is going to be walking around wearing earring that I designed and created. CRAZY! And totally awesome at the same time.

Second, my postcards came in the mail today! YIPPEE!!! I'll try to get things packaged up and ready to ship off in the next week or so... I've got 6 different soap bar scents and colors. If you would like to receive a free sample of soap please comment back, or send me a message, or even email me ( and let me know (please include address).

Vanilla Sky - vanilla scented

Melon-choly Cure - Cucumber Melon scented

Lemon-aide - Lemon verbena scented with REAL lemon zest

(Great for kitchens!)

Third and finally, I've listed a new bracelet/earrings set on Etsy. It's SUPER CUTE! See it in my shop - Perfectly Pink

Perfectly Pink - 2 pc Set


love MUCH love

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art Show in September

So, I had my first art show in August at the Downtown Underground Art Gallery. It was part of the First Friday Art Trail and although it was BLAZING HOT in the gallery, it went pretty well and I had a great time! Evidently, I'm good enough to come back because I will be showing again, same place - Downtown Underground 14th & Texas (downtown Lubbock); same time - 6-9pm; same day - first Friday of the month, in this case it's September 4th.

I'm really excited about it! I'm also a little nervous because I saw on the website that there will be more jewelry people there this month and I'm afraid my stuff will pale in comparison. BUT, it's okay, I like my stuff and I know other people do too so I'll be okay. Ooohhh the nerves are already kicking in though.

I'm also hoping to have "Two Sided Me" re-done in time for the show. And if you went to my show last month, I thank you very much, I know it was so hot and I appreciate you coming to see me. This month I'm going to bring a few more pieces to the show. I wasn't sure how much space I would be given and I'm afraid I underestimated it greatly.

Last thing, real quick and then I HAVE to get to work, I've got a few more items in my shop on Etsy so feel free to check them out. Ta-tah for now! :)

love MUCH love

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Etsy Sale & Where the Ocean Meets the Shore

HOORAY!! So yesterday I made my first Etsy-only sale. I say Etsy-only because I've sold several items in person, and I've also sold to a friend on Facebook who saw my Etsy post and went to Etsy to shop but then contacted me on Facebook to let me know they wanted to order. But yesterday I had my first sale from a person that I have never met, who saw my shop, hearted an item or two and then made a purchase! AWESOME! I'm going to pause right now to do my celebratory dance around the room. haha!
And in honor of Deana, who was my first Etsy-only customer, I encourage any of you who need a purse, or decorative pillows, or Christmas ornaments to go to her shop and check out her stuff. It really is fabulous!

One of Deana's GORGEOUS purses!

So cute, anyone want to buy it for me for Christmas? haha :)

And finally, here is the most recent item I have created. I'm totally in love with it and would love to keep it for myself, but if I did that I'd never make any money now would I? haha. So enjoy this premiere item and I'll be back for another blog soon!

Where the Ocean Meets the Shore -- Bracelet and Earrings Set - $18.00

love MUCH love