Monday, March 30, 2015

A Big, Bold Move

Hi y'all! Remember me? I know, I've been away from Live Delightfully for a while now. But I've been working on something. Something absolutely amazing!

But first, let's back up a bit. You know how when you're a little girl and you play teacher and doctor and stuff with your little girl friends? I did that too. My friends and I had really active imaginations and we had a good time. We also played shop in my Granny's sewing room. I was usually the shop-owner and would help my little friends with their purchases, check them out, etc. It was lots of fun. I think I liked playing that role-playing imaginative game more than the others. 

Fast forward to college, I worked two part-time jobs at retail stores. The first was Goody's, the second was Kohls where I eventually became the Juniors Department supervisor, and worked full-time. I know some people HATE their college jobs, but I really loved mine. A little too much in fact. I would prefer to work than to go to school. So eventually I had to quit so I could focus on finally finishing school. 

Fast forward to post-college, I worked from home for an online education company and I've tried starting like 4 or 5 different online shops via Etsy. They never worked out. Why? Because I just hadn't found my niche yet. 

For the past... oh, I don't know HOW long, I've been telling my friend Amanda that I wanted to open a shop. I didn't know when or how, I just kept telling her someday. I would dream about it, envision it, sketch out ideas. It's my HaPPy pLAce. 

Last summer after being frustrated with my "real" job (remember the online education company), I was talking to Amanda on the phone and again, I talked about how I wanted to open a shop someday. Amanda, being the terrific friend she is, just bluntly asked, "When are you going to stop talking about it and do something about it?" Uhhhhhh..... 


I didn't know. 

I had no answer. 

I had always thought of my shop dream as just that, a dream. It was one of those, "if I ever win the lottery" or "someday when I can...." I mean... how could I afford to start a shop? How could I afford to quit my job? What about our retirement? Health insurance? What if I open a shop and it fails miserably?? All these doubts.... all these fears.... all of this WHAT IFs?!?!?!?!

But.... as Amanda told me that night... "Five years from now you are still going to be wishing you had opened a shop." So... I started really thinking about it. I started planning, setting goals, and actively working towards this dream of mine. 

I'm not there yet. There's a lot of work to do. But I'm getting started. I've created a new company and have started selling clothing, home decor, and refinishing home decor for clients. It's still a baby as far as my process goes, but at least now... I'm doing something about my dream. 

I'd love to have you all stop in and check on my new company - The Southern Rose. 

Here's the website: And be SURE to check out the new blog on my new website. 
PLEASE follow me on Facebook:
And I'm on Instagram as well: @southernroseboutique

Y'all.... I'm starting to live the dream. It's very faint sometimes and full of frustrations. But there's a glimmer of my dream shining through and it's getting stronger every day! I've only blogged twice on my new website, but more blogging will be happening soon. I've got a few finished projects to blog about, plus lots of new projects that are on my To Do list that I'll also blog about. It's all very exciting!! Won't you join me on this magical ride? :) 

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Mega Update

Once upon a time, I was a blogger. 

Just kidding! I'm still a blogger. I just have been telling my story in many different ways. Are you not following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram yet? Shame on you. Get to it! F'reals, click on the icons over there <------------- already="" and="" following="" me.="" nbsp="" start="">

And whether or not you've been following me (which you should be doing, seriously!), here's an update on a few things that have been going on:

Let's see.... April was full of planning for VBS, planning for Luke and McCrae's joint-birthday parties, Julius was playing tee ball, and we were preparing for the end of the school year events. Oh and the puppies were growing and making life SUPER interesting. Don't remember the puppies? Scroll down and read my last blog from MARCH! Yeah... it's really been that long. 

April found us beginning our journey of sports with our kids. Joey and I signed Julius up for tee ball. We weren't sure about it, but with everyone else in his class doing it, I figured it would be okay since he wouldn't be the youngest out there. It actually ended up being a hilarious event. All the kids look like bobble heads with their big helmets and little bodies. Julius was very distracted by playing in the grass and the dirt. And as you can see from the picture below, he was a little directionally challenged when it came time to run bases. In fact, I can only think of one or two times he actually made it all the way to home. The rest of the time he ran to first, then to second, then he ran to the dugout. lol

Thankfully we had a fantastic coach who was all about getting the kids to participate as the would, and wasn't harping on them at all about anything. He was an encourager, he was patient, we couldn't have asked for a better coach for our first time. But honestly, the whole thing was also exhausting. Seriously. Julius would be crying to come sit by me in the stands, McCrae would be crying to go play ball. It was a mess. But it was fun, and I'm looking forward to next year when they can both play. 

April also brought Easter and our 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Cookout. And just look at our cute little men dressed up in their ties for Easter!

Also, if you scrolled down and re-read (or just remember) we had puppies in March and come April, I was in love with one of them. 

It's a bad thing to fall in love with a puppy you don't plan to keep, but I did. I even named him Boomer. And then, because I had fallen in love and because I had named him, I couldn't bear to part with him when the time came. So yep, now we have two dogs. lol!

May was even busier that April. More VBS planning, birthday parties galore, the boys and I went to Oklahoma for graduations (Joey got a staycation, lucky cat), Julius graduate from the 2 year old class at Wee Care, Joey went to Austin, and the decorating and finishing touches of VBS had to be complete because we kicked off June with VBS.... 

My niece graduation night. 

The boys the day of the birthday party. It was Dr. Seuss themed with Luke (turning 1) as Thing 1, McCrae (turning 2) as Thing 2, and Julius (the obvious leader of the bunch) as The Cat in the Hat. I know... adorbs!

In May there were also some terribly wildfires in the panhandle of Texas. So our church and community gathered up donations and took them to Fritch church of Christ. This sweet family helped so much!

Also in May we traded in our Tahoe for a new Suburban. With three growing boys, it was time to upgrade. It's been amazing to have all that room and since we got it in time, I got to break it in by driving it to Oklahoma in May for all the graduations. 

I also got my passport in May. My first time to have a passport since I was planning my first trip out of the country. But more on that later... ;)

May ended with Julius graduating from the 2 year old class at Wee Care. He's looking forward to going back and this year, McCrae gets to go too, so that will be exciting!

June started off with a big bang since VBS started. LOTS of work and effort went in to this VBS and we had the best one (praise God) since I've been here. 

And I just have to say, I have an awesome husband. He goes along with all of my ideas, even crazy ones that have him dressing up as Gad the Griper. And he's one funny guy. I was listening in on part of the lesson and he really had me cracking up as he taught these kids about Moses. He's just the best. 

And here's another picture where you might recognize him more. In June we went to Red River for our annual trip and though it was overshadowed by missing George and Jennie, it was still a wonderful trip with our boys. 

June also became the month for projects as we finished up our flower bed project (minus the flowers but I'm thinking that will happen next spring)

What was just an area of bare dirt, now is an area of intentionally bare dirt. I'm looking forward to getting flowers and my garden decoration in there. It'll be so pretty. Now if I can keep Boomer out of the bed.... 

I also bought and put together a new desk for my office. I absolutely love it! It's the best! And I painted my office that sandy color you see in this picture. Then I hated it. It reminds me of a sand storm and we already have enough of those here, I don't want to see it all the time. 

So I bought another color. 

But I don't like it either. It's the weirdest thing... I love it on paper, I love it on the can, I love it in the can, I love it on paint stick, I love it on the paint brush, I HATE it on the wall. HATE it. I bought another paint sample and didn't like it either. Now I don't know. I'm going to have to buckle down and find something I like. Right now my office is STILL in upheaval from this project and it's driving me CRAZY!!!

But one thing that's not driving me crazy anymore is the kitchen. We finally finished the bottom half of the cabinets in June, and I couldn't be more pleased. I love, love, LOVE the white cabinets. They make our small space look so much brighter and bigger. And with tiny humans running around dirtying up everything, I love that a wipe with a wet rag cleans it all right up!

We ended June with a fun trip to Joyland (a small amusement park in Lubbock). Here's a picture of the "girls' car". 

July began with us planning a new budget (more on why we're doing that later), which meant cutting back on eating out. Since Joey and I both love a good steak, that's one of the things I wanted to learn to make at home that would be even better than eating out. And boy did I ever!

Let me just tell you, I'm a steak-grillin' machine! It's seriously one of the best (if not the best) steaks I've ever had. I'm so impressed with myself. 

And not to be outdone with impressiveness.... is this little dude. 
As we're getting ready for Wednesday night worship, I send Julius to his room to finish getting ready. He comes out, dressed like this, looks at me and says, "Momma, I'm perfect". And since you can't argue with a perfect (and adorable) 3 year old, I just laughed and said, "Yes you are buddy, yes you are."

And then... the great summer finale... 

After years of talking about how we needed to go on a trip together, just as mommies, my sweet friend Lindy and I finally just decided to do it. So we planned a vacation for 5 days to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

We snorkeled, we saw the Arch, we enjoyed the waves and the ocean, the resort was fabulous... it was amazing!

The beach at the end of our resort. 

Our resort... the view from our balcony. 

The Arch. 

And to cap it all off... we met GW Bailey in the Cabo airport when we were leaving. 

Like I said, wonderful trip! But I sure did miss Joey and our boys! Maybe next time we'll just make our mommies trip a long weekend. But this was a once in a lifetime trip and I'm so glad we did it! And I finally have a stamp in my passport!! YAY!!!!

And that wraps up my update. What a long update it was and if you have stuck around to the end, THANK YOU!


You know, I miss blogging. I do. Mainly because I miss my peeps! Seriously! Last time I was around consistently bloggy friends were having babies, raising babies, thinking of moving, starting new things with their blogs, things were rolling and now... well, now I don't know. I've missed out on it. So catch me up! What's been going on with y'all! Do tell!

Monday, March 17, 2014

life lately

Hi y'all! Life lately has been one big adventure! New things, new ideas, new projects, I've been on a creative high and it's been so fun. That's the thing about having a creative spirit. Life is good when creativity is high. It's when the inspiration and motivation are nowhere to be found that life becomes a trudgefest of the mundane. Surely you know what I mean. Whether your medium is cooking, landscaping, fabric, paint, or even just coming up with great ideas for Bible class. When your creative juices are flowing, life seems 10x better. :D

For me, that creativity has been on high in sooo many areas. Maybe not so much my blog... hey, can't win 'em all.... but I've had so many ideas for other things, and so many projects that are ongoing, that the best way to share them with you all is simply a life lately round up of what's been going on. 

So here we go: 

First off, if you're my friend on Facebook, or if you follow me on Instagram (@reginakayxo) then you would have seen this picture from last month. Luke is sitting up on his own now which is a HUGE accomplishment for him. He's doing super well and even his new Vision Instructor has been very impressed with his abilities. He's such a smart, sweet, little boy who lights up our world. Although, he's learning how to "get" his brothers....

McCrae got one of my coats and claimed it as is own personal blanket. Isn't that so darling?!?!?! He fell asleep like this on the couch watching tv one morning. 

But then....

Luke rolled over to the couch and found the "blanket" and started pulling on it. 

Don't worry, I saved McCrae by taking the coat from Luke and moving him to the other side of the living room. 

While Luke is enjoying learning how to pick on his brothers, he's also learning new touches...

The other evening Lorie let Luke pet her and pull on her hair and ear for a while. He just giggled and giggled. 

And when Luke wore Daddy out by wiggling and giggling, Luke found his brothers' towel on the floor and rolled himself up into a Lukerito. From the time he found the towel in the floor, to the time we took it from him he just laughed and laughed. New touches and experiences are so much fun for him, and I can only imagine what he's thinking. Just think if you were blind and touched a dog like Lorie for the first time, what would you think it was? Cool to think about haha. 

We bought a new tool! I really loved my finished product from my pallet project, but two things I know for sure.... I needed a better way to disassemble a pallet, and I needed to know how to assemble a product using pallet boards. The second one I learned the hard way through trial and error. Lots and lots of errors in the form of bent nails and broken screw heads. The first one, though, I learned by watching a video I found via Pinterest where a guy disassembles a pallet with a sawzall or a reciprocating saw. So we bought one because I have a big pallet project on my horizon, and I'm happy to say it really works great! I'm having to get used to it because it's different than any other saw I've used before, but it's cool! Those pallets have met their match!!

Still with me?

Hang in there. I know it's a long post, but there's so much more to say. ;) 

We went to the mountains of Weed, NM a few weeks ago and we went walking around and had a blast. The friends we stayed with had an awesome backpack baby carrier thing that we used for Luke and it was awesome!! He snuggled down in that thing and would fall asleep. When he was awake he just smiled and giggled. 

Our over-the-range microwave stopped working a few weeks ago so we bought another one. I wanted Joey to get some help installing it, but he was determined we could do it so we did. Hah! If only it really went like that. Let's just say I didn't want to work on this project when Joey did so I was in a bad mood through the whole thing. But we got it installed and it's working great. And now we know that since our marriage survived a microwave installation, it can survive anything. ;) 

Again, if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen this post, but I've been working on Luke's quilt lately. I've had the blocks cut out since December and one Sunday I put them all together. Seriously. It took me part of one day to get the quilt top pieced together. Sometimes I put off a project for so long and then when I finally do it and realize how little time and effort it takes, I kick myself for not doing it sooner. Case in point, I'm kicking myself for putting off this project. The quilt is on my sewing table right now as I've been quilting it in between the other things. I really don't think it will take much longer to get the rest of it quilted and then bind it. 

Also, we have SIX new additions to the family, as Pepper gave birth to her litter a little over a week ago. 

There are 6, 2 female, 4 male. There's one solid black one, three brindled colored ones, and two white ones with brindled colored patches on them. They're so adorable and I love going out and checking on them twice a day and taking care of Pepper. So fun! If anyone wants a puppy, you can have one... or two. ;) 

If you've made it this far in the post, we're almost done. ;) 

Last week, my friend Lindy and I decided we needed to go to Mexico this summer. Which means 2 things. 1) I need a passport because I've never been out of the country. Which means I'm SOOOO excited about this trip. 2) I need to lose weight. Lindy and I have set a goal to lose 30 pounds each. So... last week I made myself a smoothie for lunch. I gotta say... it was pretty darn good. I did a handful of spinach leaves, one fresh banana, about a cup of frozen pineapples, mangoes, peaches and strawberries. A splash of milk (I forgot I had orange juice) and then juice to liquify it all. It was delicious! I've been thinking about a smoothie cleanse/fast and this confirmed that it would be possible to make great tasting smoothies. I'm a fan. 

I made these two lovelies last week during one of my creative spurts. I just adore them. These were/are being given away, but don't worry, similar ones are coming to an Etsy shop near you. ;)  

And speaking on Etsy shops.... I finally have some new items in my shop: 

I've been planning this for about 6 months, testing it for at least 3, and working on getting them in the shop for the last 2 months. I'm excited to finally have them in my shop and you can check them out at Live Delightfully on Etsy. More colors coming soon!

Aside from my own crafty things going on, Joey and I have two larger projects going on. One inside, one outside. 

First the inside...

We're giving our dear ol' kitchen a much needed facelift. The ol' girl's been through a lot and she really needs/deserves a makeover. So... we've started sanding the cabinets, removing doors and drawers and sanding them as well, and getting things prepped for the great cabinet makeover of 2014!! haha. First we're going to sand and repaint the cabinets and replace the hardware. Next we're going to look into replacing the old counter tops or I'll just paint them. We'll also add a backsplash and maybe a new sink too. Right now, I'd say our budget is $1500 total and I think we can do it! ;) HGTV, eat your heart out. 

And for our outside project, for the days when it's nice and not too windy...

We are making a flower bed in this corner. The patio is there on the left and these area of the yard is really just a barren wasteland. So it's been begging me for some life and color and well, I just need to oblige. So I marked out the bed shape and we've been digging the area up. I bought the landscape fabric this weekend and staples so once we're finished digging and leveling, we will lay that down, replace some of the dirt, add some topsoil, plants, and mulch and call it done. ;) I'm looking forward to having some greenery in our backyard. I just hope the dogs will let it thrive and not kill it. :/

Okay, I know that was a long post, but we've made it! Woo-hoo we're through!

As you can see there's a lot going on at my house and life is great! It's just sometimes it's a little too busy to steal away and write up a blog post. 

But I hope you enjoyed the catch up and maybe I should do this more often so there's not so much to cram into one post. Haha.